5 billion yuan to upgrade capacity over Shunde Waterway
Foshan China 2022-11-25 09:08

On November 21, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the latest progress on the upgrading project over Shunde Waterway.

Sanhongqi Bridge as a part of Shunde Waterway. (Photo by Xiong Cheng)

Shunde Waterway is a main pipeline that connects Beijiang and Xijiang River to the sea. As an essential part of the water transportation system of the Greater Bay Area, Shunde Waterway has the ability to create massive economic value for Foshan and nearby ports. With that being said, local government has invested 5 billion yuan to upgrade relevant facilities, including the main bridges and waterway.

Resources are being pooled to demolish 3 bridge structures (Sanhongqi Bridge, Longjiang Bridge & Longjiang Second Bridge, and Xiqiao Bridge) and reinforce 12 other bridges. The 12 bridges are Xiqiao Bridge, Huanglong Bridge, Juwan Bridge, Lelong Bridge, Beijiang Bridge, Longxiang Bridge, Longwan Bridge, Guangming High-speed Danzao Grand Bridge, Sanshan Bridge, Xihai Large Bridge (Guangzhou-Zhuhai-West Expressway), Guangzhou-Zhuhai City Rail Xihai Bridge (Railway), Bigui Road Xihai Bridge (Highway).

As announced, the project will take 5 years. By then, Shunde Waterway will have bigger capacity for transports of cargo and personnel.

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