Fochen Road in Shunde to start 3-year construction
Foshan China 2022-12-16 21:06

Due to the construction requirements of Huayang Road Overpass Bridge, certain sections of Huayang Road and Fochen Road will be temporarily restricted. The overall construction is expected to last for 36 months, including 4 phrases.

First Phrase

Duration: December 15, 2022 to June 14, 2023

Control Measures: The green belts and far-right lane of both directions will be subject to construction. Once completed, they will be functioned as road diversion in the next phrase. 3 lanes will be remained for regular transportation in both directions.

Second Phrase

Duration: June 15, 2023 to June 14, 2025

Control Measures: The diversion in both directions will be in use, fulfilling the need of transportation. Meanwhile, the main lanes will be temporarily blocked for the construction of the overpass bridge.

Third Phrase

Duration: June 15, 2025 to September 14, 2025

Control Measures: The new overpass bridge will be put into use. Half of the diversion will be constructed while the remaining half will provide additional support to the traffic.

Fourth Phrase

Duration: September 15, 2025 to December 14, 2025

Control Measures: The pavement and non-motorized vehicle lanes for both direction will be the final phrase to complete.

Author | Eddie

Revisor | Linn, May

Source | Shunde Police