FS Metro Line 3 served 540,000 passengers for the first week
Foshan China 2023-01-06 17:17

By January 3, 2023, Foshan Metro Line 3 (first section) has served over 540,000 passengers in the first week of operation.

Notably, there are 2 themed trams introduced, "Travel in Foshan" and "Food in Foshan", which have attracted over 200 thousand passengers.

During the New Year's Day holiday, Metro Line 3 has met the peak time for passengers. According to the statistics, Daliang Zhonglou Station, Shunde OCT Harbour Plus Station, Dongle Lu Station are the top three stations on the passenger flow list, which are all located in Daliang Town, Shunde District. Meanwhile, a group of themed stations, like Dongping Station, Lunjiao Station, has attracted over 100 thousand citizens.

A group of staffs have quietly devoted to daily operation.

To ensure the timely schedule in peak hours, Foshan Metro has extended the operation time and introduced additional staff. Up to January 3, the on-time performance is excellent. Mechanic engineers have conducted maintenance and quality checks for trams, ensuring their tiptop condition.

As for train dispatchers, they kept close attention on the train operation and utilization performance, ready for urgent circumstance at once.

Stated by the representative of Foshan Metro, all staff will consistently improve the service quality and provide a safe and comfortable metro environment.

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