Foshan honored as National Green Transport City
Foshan China 2023-01-09 16:50

On January 5, the Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission announced the list of National Green Transport City. After a full-scale evaluation, 97 cities were enrolled, of which Foshan was also on the list.

To implement President Xi's thought on ecological civilization and green lifestyles, the Government has issued Green Transport Action Plan in 2020 and started Green Transport City Campaign.

According to the Action Plan, to achieve the goal of Green Transport Establishment, the ratio of Green Transport needs to reach over 70 percent while the satisfaction rate is not less than 80 percent; The city shall have large-scale application of NEVs and eliminate high energy-consuming and high-emission vehicles in accordance with the law; The city shall meet six major conditions, such as the priority development of public transportation and the upgrading of transportation services.

Statistics showed that after years of efforts, the proportion of Foshan achieving green transport reached 70.2 percent, new energy bus is 100 percent, satisfaction rate is 87 percent; The scale of Foshan's urban rail transit network has reached 6 lines, and the total operating mileage has exceeded 127 kilometers; the special lanes for bicycles and electric bicycles havereached 1,500 kilometers.

The Ministry of Transport advocated that listed cities shall foster the strategy for advanced development of public transportation, set up a robust long-term mechanism for green transport and consolidate the achievements on establishing green transport. Through raising the standards of green transport, green lifestyle will be widely promoted.

The proportion of green transport among citizens reached 70.2%.

The proportion of new energy bus in Foshan hits 100%.

Foshan has constructed 1,500 kilometers special lanes for bicycles and electric bicycles.

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