Foshan Airport plans to resume and introduce new routes
Foshan China 2023-03-09 19:11

The 2023 summer and autumn flight season at Foshan Airport will officially start on March 26. Considering changes in traffic conditions and passenger needs, Foshan Airport announced its plans to resume and introduce several routes such as Foshan-Tangshan, Foshan-Taizhou, Foshan-Hefei-Ordos, Foshan-Xingyi-Beijing Daxing, etc., to fulfill the travel needs of the public.

Foshan Airport notes that the flight information above is for reference only, so please check the actual implementation. Passengers can log on to the official website of China United Airlines to check detailed flight information and purchase tickets. In terms of ticket purchase and other services, passengers can call 0757-81806521/81806522 for consultation. Passengers should arrive at least 90 minutes in advance for boarding service. Please ensure personal health protection during the check-in process.

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