Second section of Foshan Metro Line 3 to open within this year
Foshan China 2023-06-06 17:31

According to the Foshan Metro Group, the second section of Line 3 will be completed within this year.

On May 26, the Zhen'an-Diejiao right line section of Foshan Metro Line 3 completed the short rail connection, marking a huge progress in its construction. There will be two stations between Zhen'an and Diejiao, with a total length of 8.294km.

In order to overcome the construction difficulties, Foshan Metro Group planned the subdivision, streamlined the construction scale, rationally utilized the site, and thereby ensured that the track laying operation could be carried out in order.

In addition, the construction of Foshan Metro Line 4 is also being steadily progressed. On May 27, the shield machines started operation at the construction site of Foshan Metro Line 4 West Keji Road Station, ensuring conducive conditions for the next construction.

The first phase of Line 4 construction project starts from Beijiang Avenue Station in the west to Gangkou Road Station in the east, with a total length of 55.22km. The line will have 14 transfer stations, interchanging with Line 2 at Smart New Town Station and Zhangcha Station, and with Line 3 at Foshan West Railway Station and Jihua 6th Road Station.

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