Foreigners Enjoyment of Living in Foshan
Foshan China 2017-02-04 10:23

In the office of Foshan Investment Promotion Agency, three foreigners are working there. They are Michael Rizhakov, Fons Klein Tuentefind and Maria Acastenco, who hired as consultants. In their daily life, they find enjoyment of living in Foshan.



Foshan: A Charming City

For them, Foshan is a charming city because of its delicious food and comfortable environment.


Maria has been lived in Foshan for four years and get picky about the food after she went to several local restaurants and tried many delicious food. However, she find it is difficult for foreigners to communicate with servers, thus she has to go with local friends.


Different from Maria, Fons prefer the livable civic environment here. Before coming to Foshan, Fons has been lived in Beijing for four years. “I am satisfied with life here, the food is good and the air is fresh,” he said. On the weekend, Fons will do some sightseeing with his Chinese girlfriend. “Foshan is a beautiful city,” he said.


Michael also think Foshan is an appropriate place to work and live. “The pollution here is low. Local people attach great importance to the city’s future development.”


Michael and Fons



High Value Investment Opportunities

When it comes to investment environment in Foshan, they all believed that Foshan has high value investment opportunities.“Foshan is a well-developed city,” Michael said. 


Fons think that local people is business minded, as one out of twenty people has his own business. “Local government pays attention to high technology manufacturing and robotics, providing  favorable policies to support them,” Fons said.


A Window to Know more about Foshan

Though Foshan have comfortable living environment and superior investment environment, the information about Foshan on line is not too much and most of them are out-dated. “Foshan grows so quickly. Foshan in three years ago is not the same as today, ”Michael said.

In this context, Foshan China emerged. Foshan China is an English portal site of Foshan, providing latest local news, travel guides and service guidelines for foreigners.


Fons suggested that if the website could provide more information about daily life service like visa, health examination, driving license and insurance, it was convenient for foreigners.


For people who want to get a job in Foshan, Michael thought more information about different representative industries in Foshan should be presented. He also proposed that it is useful to do some interviews with people who live in Foshan, both for local people and foreigners, sharing their sentiment about living here.