Faces of Foshan: Herbert Haas
Foshan Investment Promotion Center 2018-01-26 10:52


Youve worked in Foshan for different companies for quite a while, how do you think Foshan contributes to the development of foreign companies like Heinkel and others here.

I have been working in Foshan already several years and I am still very happy here. Foshan government issues many policies and regulations for foreign investors and made changes in regards of working environment and pollution.

The set-up of the one-stop-office for business cases, like business license, etc. was a great development and facilitates working with government offices. Foshan is also giving assistance to newcomers as well as located companies in settling down, like finding the correct place or new places , getting employees , environmental regulations, taxes, etc. Also, the installation of a foreign team in the government office was a further step in improving their customer service. They are always available to help solving problems, introducing companies to each other - like to create one big family with all companies.


How do you see the machinery manufacturing industry in Foshan and the surrounding area?

Foshan is becoming more and more an industrial city for different kind of machinery productions and automation. Setting up industrial parks and looking for high end companies with high innovative products, like Heinkel. Due to this, a lot of high qualified sub-suppliers are growing up around this place. This was also one of the main reasons, why Heinkel has chosen Foshan. Correct investment from Foshan into the future.


How has Foshan changed since you first came here 6 years ago and what do you expect the main changes will be in the upcoming 6 years?

In the 6 years that I have been here the development of the city has been amazing. In Foshan; we saw the best possibilities for our future development, the right supply chain, located close to the airport and harbour and then, of course, a very progressive city. Not only because of the industrial parks, motorways, apartment buildings and green areas, but Foshan is also always some steps ahead in terms of government service. All together it has been a good experience.

During the next 6 years I believe that Foshan will continue to look ahead to get new technologies and innovative companies as well as industrial parks, innovative centres, joint venture capitals, etc. as well as issuing policies to get the necessary qualified talents settled down in the city. Foshan is very proactive, they will have good ideas to keep Foshan as an attractive investment location.