Federica: working in Foshan is a good choice
Foshan China 2019-09-09 17:33
“It isn’t about the work, it’s more about the relationship with people.” Said Federica in the interview.
Federica has been working as an International Investment Promotion Specialist in FIPA (Foshan Investment Promotion Agency) for more than one year. Talking about the work in China, she didn’t feel extremely stressful. “It is more like a river; you just go with the flow.” In Italy, people work nine to five or six according to their lunch break, and then enjoy their time off, while in China, one has to bring work into life since implementing a plan or project involves many processes, resources and people. Though work and life started as a challenge, Federica enjoys building relationship with people from all walks of life. “It’s like a chain”. She Described. “Accustomed to a new city is a process, including learning English and Chinese.” Said Federica with her eyes glittering.
Right now, her main job is to attract international companies to invest in Foshan. For foreign companies who plan to relocate their branches or open a new one in Foshan, Federica’s job will be a great help. In the interview, she mentioned the great importance of directing potential companies to a better environment for foreign companies hardly know the situation here. She needs to explain the advantages and future prospect of Foshan to those who want to invest and even flies to other cities to do the negotiation with the heads if necessary. Before negotiation, she will do the marketing and promotion work of the project. “It is elementary, but it is very important.” Said Federica. After staying for one year and a half, Federica has familiarized herself with the industry in Foshan. She is also impressed by the fast development of manufacturing industry, which leaves room for investment.
For the time being, an Italian city is going to be added to the list of Foshan’s friendly cities, according to Federica. There will be more exchanges between the two cities. In addition, two projects, one is about a testing lab and the other car spare parts with a German company are under negotiation. “It’s more about the high technology.” Said Federica. She hoped that the two sides could nail down the details and sign the contract soon.
When asked about the reason why choosing Foshan City, “it’s a good choice.” Mentioned Federica. Though she had been to China for 3 times, she has never been to South China. “Life in Foshan is better than I thought.” She thinks that people in Foshan are out-going and nice. She also finds that Foshan people are happy to do business. “They have different approaches, which really meet my personality.”
She said herself a half Chinese now, taking part in all kinds of folk activities in Foshan such as Chinese New Year celebration, Dragon Boat Festival and the Birth of the North Emperor. In the conversation, Federica mentioned the special dragon boat races in Diejiao in which boats completed numerous difficult tasks including going though narrow canals. She also shared with us how she felt the first time watching Cantonese Opera. “It’s a live show, and the costumes are amazing. Though I know nothing about Cantonese, I really enjoyed the plot through their actions.”
Like other foreigners in Foshan, Federica was obsessed with Cantonese food, especially Dim Sum. “Literally, I will go to eat Dim Sum every day.” And she also developed her own taste for spicy food such as spicy Toufu and spicy hot spot. “I know that Shunde is the City of Gastronomy, and I think it lives up to it! There are so many delicacies to eat here.”
"Foshan is very unique." She recalled her experience at Nanfeng Ancient Kiln where she ambled across the kiln at twilight, with breeze flowing over her cheeks. “I think I am going to stay as I am happy to be here.” She said at the end of the interview.