Faces of Foshan: Grainne O’Reilly
Foshan Investment Promotion Agency 2017-03-11 14:59


Can you tell us a bit about your background and what attracted you to Foshan?

I am British, of Irish heritage, born and bred in London. I have been in education for 34 years and in international education for nearly 20. My international background has covered many countries, continents and cultures and much of my work has focussed on start-ups; both for profit and non-profit. Nearly all of my schools worldwide have been British international schools and it was clear from Foshans growth and business standing that this city had a significant need for a true, British international school. Guangzhou has some excellent international schools, but it is a significant distance. Foshan has a number of international schools already, but in the main, they are run along the lines of Chinese schools and often owned and lead by local professionals. Etonhouse is entirely owned, led and managed by internationals in a fully British International manner. My attraction to Foshan was to support the EtonHouse company in providing an excellent international choice for both expatriate and local, qualified families.


How do you think EtonHouse International school can help in the development of Foshan?

One of the most pressing needs for expatriate parents is finding excellent education for their child(ren). So many expatriate families want to live in this area, rather than Guangzhou, but they have not previously been afforded the opportunity to have their child(ren) educated nearby. In addition, many Chinese families want a completely different kind of education for their children- one which will not only give them fluency in English, but will also give them emotional and cultural fluency, confidence and poise. Without the flexibility, creativity and broad understanding of the world at large

that is part of an international education, young people often flounder when they go overseas to study. A British international education at FEIS, prepares each child for leadership, success and self-confidence in the wider world.


What do you think was one of the reasons Etonhouse decided to open their biggest campus in Foshan?

EtonHouse is a tremendously successful company and the Founder, Ng Gim Choo, has always undertaken considerable demographic research in the areas where her schools are opened. FEIS is the largest school in the EtonHouse group as we feel this area is such a superb place for both international and local businesses to thrive and develop. We at FEIS want to be part of that growth and we want to serve and support this community with excellent service, quality and care.