Faces of Foshan: Isabel Alonso
Foshan Investment Promotion Agency 2017-03-11 15:04

Isabel Alonso, CEO, Duato LTD.


(Isabel Alonso)


Can you tell us a bit about your business and experience in Foshan?
We started as a Ceramics trading company back in 2005 in Spain. Right after that, we decided to come to China because of the enormous opportunities to brand our products. One of the biggest challenges we faced was to find good suppliers that could meet our needs in terms of design and competitiveness. So, we decide to develop and offer our clients quality controlled services to ensure their products would meet the standards they required.
I came to Foshan because it was the only area with quality products to sell in Europe at the time. Once we started to place orders and had developed a quality control team, we soon realized there was a big market for this kind of services. Soon we began to develop good relationships with many Chinese companies. These companies understood the need for quality control and pre-analysis of the needs and standards in foreign markets. By assisting them to understand the client’s problems in advance, our suppliers gave us an opportunity to work together. They consulted with us for help to brand themselves.
Over the years, our company had transitioned itself from a reliable quality control business to a design company. We were sought out by other businesses to help them with branding, eventually leading to many companies asking us to help with interior design of their houses or showrooms. Today, we have a great interior design company which consists of a team of European architects, interior designers, and expert project managers.


How have your business benefited from developments in Foshan?
During all the years living and working in Foshan, we have seen the city truly evolve. From the growth of infrastructure, logistics ports and the opening of the GuangFo Metro line - which has brought convenience and greater proximity to Chinas third largest city.
Foshan is undergoing some major transformations. This city is also home to the largest ceramic center in China, and countless factories. This is boosting the
local economy and making the city more prosperous; thus, enhancing our opportunity for business.The developments in Foshan have benefited our business by providing a quality of service to our clients. We meet the needs of our clients by improving their corporate image, creating a good range of products, providing popular and high-demand designs with modern influence and aiding them to create actual presentations of themselves and their companies.


Why would you recommend starting a business in Foshan?
Foshan is a comfortable city with a relaxed lifestyle and its easy to move around. There are many people here but the city is not overly busy like other first tier cities in China.
Foshan has everything; nice areas full of both local and foreign restaurants, many shops and beautiful sites. It is also at the center of the Pearl River Delta. Foshan is in the epicenter of a huge area where many successful and wealthy people live. A prosperous area always benefits business.