Faces of Foshan: Doreen
Foshan China 2017-04-07 18:13

(Doreen and her son)

Doreen comes from Kenya and has lived and worked in Foshan for two years. She lives in Foshan because this is where his husbands furniture company and business is based.


Can you describe your life and tell us one of your stories in Foshan?


One very special thing about Foshan is thatit is where my son was born! I always carry that with me wherever I go. It is also the home of Bruce Lee, the actor who introduced me to the martial arts of Chinese culture!I am a fan of martial arts. During my leisure time, I like to listen to music and create things with my hands.I have celebrated many festivals with my Chinese family here. They are very good friends who have known my husband since he used to come here as a businessman. Then they welcomed me, too.


What is your impression of Foshan?


I find Foshan very calm, in comparison to Shanghai where I lived previously. I have many favorite places here. The most outstanding places for me are market place and beautiful parks. I enjoy going to the market because all kinds of products are put together and you can find snakes, frogs, turtles, etc. It is interesting! I have tried the crocodiles and snakes, which is new to me. Many cuisines in Shunde are delicious and there are many famous snacks.


Do you notice any new changes in Foshan? What do you hope to be improved?


The one thing I have noticed is the smog. A few years ago when I came to visit my husband before I moved here, there was no smog. But now it gets little more. With the economic development, there are also a lot of new buildings and roads, which make our life more convenient. I like this beautiful city very much and I hope to see greater development and clearer sky!