Foreigners experience the charm of dragon boat in Diejiao
Foshan China 2017-06-01 14:44

The Dragon Boat Festival is past, but the dragon boat races in Foshan arent finished yet. The thrilling and exciting Tantou Cup in Diejiao, Nanhai was held yesterday (May 31), which attracted lots of people and media, among which there were some foreigners.




The unique feature of Tantou Cup is the racing track. The racing track is in the shape of “C” and there is a large timber pile at the turning corner, making it more difficult to enter and exit the turn. People can enjoy the dragon boat drifting here!




A dragon boat crashed at the Cturning. Photo/


The hostess from Guangzhou learned that Diejiao Dragon Boat has been listed in the batch of Nanhais intangible cultural heritage. And audience are curious about the C racing track and how to make dragon boat drifting.


The crew of is reporting the race in Diejiao.




There are some foreigners watching the race in Diejiao as well.


Hasan is experiencing the dragon boat drum.


Hasan is from Bangladesh, an overseas student studying in Southern Medical University in Guangzhou. He has a Chinese name called Wu Su (吴苏) and speaks Mandarin frequently. He once came to Foshan with friends but just in the downtown area. He discovered a new Foshan by coming to Diejiao to experience the charm of Foshan traditional culture. If there is a chance, I would like to try dragon boat racing! said Hasan.


Hasan is experiencing how to cook dragon boat meal.


Besides watching the racing, Hasan also experienced how to cook dragon boat meal. He indicated that he would share this special experience with his family and friends and maybe he would take them to Foshan next year to feel the charm of dragon boat.