Faces of Foshan: transnational couples
Foshan China 2017-08-29 15:14

Yama who grew up in Foshan and Jackson from America have been together for six months. Chantal from Foshan and Peter from Nigeria have been in love for over 4 years, and they are married and have two kids. What are the stories of them?

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(Y: Yama, J:Jackson, C: Chantal, P: Peter)

Q1: How did you meet each other?


We met in 2011 butwe were just friends at that time. He was dating someone and I was dating someone at that time. But 2 years later, he came to Foshan and eventually we just started dating in 2013.


We met about...almost 6 months ago. We met at a friends home. She had come to visitand I was there. I was interested so I pursued her after that.
It’s quite special. He looked at me in a different way… It’s loving and seems like he have been waiting for me for a long time.


Q2: What do you think is the most romantic thing?


Actually I thinkevery day is quite romantic cause my husband is a very good husband. (P: Am I?)Yes, you are!
I think being withher really changes my life a lot. Every day has been a really romantic day tostay together.

Take a walk in the park. There is a beautiful park here. We take a night time walk sometimes. Thats pretty romantic to do this kind of things.Talk along the walk, talk about life, talk about things, talk about relationships.
The most romantic thing is that when we first went out in spring, there were many azaleas. I walked along the road and he took photos for me in an admiring way.


Q3: How do you generally celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Since we got married, we don’t really spend Valentine’s Day. It’s not like we don’t spend Valentines’ Day, but sometimes we just (stay at) home or hand out together. We get these little ones to take care of.


I think we want to go... (Y: shopping!) I think we are gonna get something to eat...eat out in the restaurants and have a good chill evening, relaxing and enjoying each others company.
Q4: Does cultural difference influence your relationship?


It’s all about understanding. Because if you guys understand each other very well, everything works out perfectly. That’s my experience.


Yeah, sometimes, our cultures are different and of course everyone has their opinions about certainthings. But we try to meet in the middle some kind of way. Its the best you can do as a couple. She learning my culture and me learning her culture is a beautiful thing. And thats what I think people should do in life in general.
Some Americans are quite stubborn and direct. He would insist his own way. And I would say: “you shouldn’t say something like that. It hurts.” Then he said: “but this is the truth!”

Q5: What do you like her/him the most?


I think what I love most about her is her sense of belonging. She cares a lot.
To me, I think he is the perfect one for me. I cannot find anyone better than him.
What I like aboutmy girl the most is personality. Shes funny. (Y: Youre funny, too) We try tolaugh all the time. And I like that she can cook. Its very important. I love Chinese food (the way to catch a man’s heart is through his stomach) and she cooks great.

Q6: How to date with the one?


Just be yourself and be a gentleman. Dont try so hard to do too much like over-exert yourself with trying to impress. Dinner is always nice when you first meet someone. A dinner, a movie, talking, communicating and see what happens after that.