Faces of Foshan: Ruben
Foshan China 2017-08-15 16:24

Recently, an American magazine GQ published the latest American 2017 catering ranking list. “Mr and Mrs Smith” (Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chilli Sauce) ranked first and it was selected as the “annual appetizer”. However, this delicious course is often mistakenly translated into “husband and wifes lung slice” because of its Chinese name. Food with such a “bloody” name, do foreigners dare to taste?



In fact, poorly translated food names like “husband and wifes lung slice” are common in life. Due to different codes of language, many Chinese courses with Chinglish names often confuse foreigners and even become a joke. Foshan is a capital of gourmet with a variety of tasty dishes and snacks! Can foreigners understand all kinds of "weird names" on the menu?


Thus, we invited Ruben, a football coach who has lived in Foshan for five years to share his "experience" with us. What does he think?