Faces of Foshan: Jessy
Foshan China 2017-08-22 17:01

As a human being who is made from physical and soul to experience the life, there must be one of them on the way. In Foshan, there are some restaurants run by foreigners that built a bridge across the world with their food and stories. Let’s take a look at these restaurants run by foreigners and take your excellent cuisine taste  to travel with us around the world now!


Encounter real Vietnam food


On the basement floor -1 of  Platinum City in Chancheng, there is a lady who was born in Vietnam, grown up in America, married a man from Guangdong and opened a restaurant called SaiGon Bistro. Her name is Jessy, who wears the traditional Vietnamese dress Ao Dai everyday and makes the most authentic Vietnam food.


"Cooking makes me happy and it brings joy to my life”, Jessy said.

As an international student of Sun Yat-Sen University, Jessy linked herself with China since 2004. In the following years, Jessy has experienced several jobs and she has ever dealt with tax return in America. However, business made her so stressful that she finally chose to open a Vietnamese Bistro in Foshan in 2014.


When mentioning the food in the restaurant, Jessy says that all the raw materials are imported from Vietnam and the recipe are all made by herself. “Some customers may request this or that aside dishes not be added into the food when they are ordering, sometimes I will follow their needs, but I will still stick to the tradition of Vietnam food and maintain its original taste” Jessy said.


When talking about Vietnam, we all know that the most famous beverage in Vietnam is coffee, while the most real Vietnam coffee is dripping coffee. Using the dripping filter to make coffee is a kind of cooking culture introduced from France in the late 19th century. The air will be filled with the mellow smell of coffee if coffee powder drips slowly into the cup.

the process of making dripping cooffee   

Vermicelli with 4 different kinds is a signature dish of SaiGon Bistro and it can provide four flavors for customers at one time. The perilla roll is a dish that is only launched in SaiGon Bistro among all the Vietnamese restaurants. In another word, perilla roll is the Saigon Bistros signature roll in Guangdong, China as well. If you want to taste it, just go there and have a try.

When being asked why the price could be kept in such a low level under high cost, Jessy answered frankly that earning money was not the purpose of running the shop. She will feel satisfied as long as the shop runs smoothly, and she can obtain happiness from the food and pass down Vietnam culture.


"Maybe Im not a good cook enough yet, but I am an excellent eater, thus, I know what people like to eat as well”. We can assume that a good eater can make a great cooker.