Aurora & Sharif: spring water of bliss evokes fine wishes for 2023
Foshan China 2023-01-04 14:38

Colombian girl Aurora and Sharif from Russia is a loving couple, who have almost spent 4 years in Foshan so far. As New Year arrives, they travelled to the legendary Xiangang Village, in a town called Danzao in Nanhai District, home to a century-old spring well that had brought forth beautiful bliss of luck and happiness for local people. It also has a mysterious nickname of "double crab eyes".

On this exploring trip in this beautiful village, they joined local villagers in getting water around the well and were invited to a laid-back tea session. How are they about to unlock the secret of this antique township in Lingnan? What's their wish and hope in 2023? Click in the video to find out more!

Author | Jersey

Revisor | Eleanor, Linn