Encountering Intangible Cultural Heritage in Foshan: A Thumbs Up!
Foshan China 2023-06-27 17:54

On June 20, an exhibition concert of the 2023 Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience and Exchanges event, jointly organized by the Foshan Foreign Affairs Bureau and the Foshan Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports, was held at the Qiandeng Lake, Nanhai. Consuls general and representatives from foreign chambers of commerce of countries such as Turkey, Iran, Greece, and the Netherlands visited Foshan to experience the charm of its outstanding traditional culture.

This year marks the fourth year of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience and Exchanges event.

From June 9 to 10, the guests experienced various intangible cultural heritage activities, including dragon boat racing and making zongzi for the Dragon Boat Festival, as well as the traditional craft of Shiwan ceramic sculpture. They also visited Nadelii Culture Experience Center in Nanhai, Guangdong Shiwan Ceramic Museum, and Nanfeng Ancient Kiln.

On June 20, they also attended the "Green is Future" event organized by foreign consulates and chambers of commerce, and visited the No.1 Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shunde District. Besides, they also toured the LESSO New Energy Development Private Limited to learn about Foshan's new energy industry and intelligent manufacturing development.

Through this event, everyone was amazed by the prosperity in Foshan's economy, opportunities in trade, and the diversity of Foshan's traditional intangible cultural heritage.

"Foshan's high level of openness to the outside world would not be possible without the strong support of expats from all walks of life," said Liu Xiaoming, Director of the Foshan Foreign Affairs Bureau. As for the Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience and Exchanges events, he hopes that this event can showcase the city's vitality, promote cultural exchanges, seek development opportunities, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. "We always carry forward the spirit of Foshan's pioneering attitude, inherit the essence of Lingnan culture that has lasted for thousands of years, and present the wonderful modernity of an innovative city. Everyone is welcome to visit Foshan and witness the new chapter of friendly cooperation between Foshan and the world!"

Mr. Kurtulus AYKAN, the Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Guangzhou, stated that Turkey and China, as partner countries along the Silk Road, have different expressions of culture, tradition, customs, and concepts. However, they fundamentally share the pursuit of harmony and unity.

A traditional Xiangyun Silk fashion show was also held at the event. Bathed in light, the Xiangyun Silk shimmered with its timeless beauty, and the well-defined tailoring highlighted its understated luxury. This fusion of tradition and fashion in the visual feast of intangible cultural heritage conveyed not only the cultural and historical significance but also the international design thinking and contemporary fashion atmosphere.

The performance of the erhu and violin quintet, the Chinese dance performance, and the flute performances were equally spectacular, attracting many citizens to stop and enjoy. The concert culminated with a male and female duet performance of the Italian classic song Time to Say Goodbye, buoying up the entire event with its melodious vocals.

Furthermore, the works of the guests who participated in the ceramic art experience journey were also exhibited in the venue. Among them, the ceramic works created by Mr. Piotr Nowotniak, the Consul General of Poland in Guangzhou, were showcased. They were amazed by the thousand-year-old craftsmanship of clay and fire, admiring how ceramics are not just objects but the crystallization of art.

Looking ahead, the Foshan Foreign Affairs Bureau is determined to explore further into the Foshan's rich historical and cultural heritage, while expanding international platforms for exchange. Their efforts aim to establish a distinguished series of events that will elevate Foshan as a futuristic culture bridge between East and West, flourishing with opportunities for living, business, and leisure.

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