Foshan's First Wedding Bus Takes to the Streets: A Unique Ride for a Transnational Wedding
Foshan China 2024-04-03 16:35

On March 30, Foshan witnessed a wedding unlike any other as a public bus turned into a moving celebration of love. Dubbed the "Happiness Bus," it became the venue for a special ceremony uniting a bride from Foshan with her groom from Leeds, UK.

Decorated with symbols of happiness and adorned with pictures of the couple, the bus caught the eye of citizens as it drove through Foshan. It was a joyous occasion, with the couple and their friends and family onboard, toasting to their union as the bus made stops at meaningful locations around the city.

This unique wedding bus was customized jointly by the couple, incorporating not only their vows but also the city flowers of Foshan and Leeds: white orchids and white roses, symbolizing the beautiful union of the couple amidst the romantic charm of both cities.

The bride and groom wanted to do something different for their wedding, so they came up with the idea of using a bus. They thought it was a fun and eco-friendly way to celebrate with their loved ones while showcasing both Chinese and British cultures.

Organized by Foshan Public Transport Co., Ltd. Chancheng Branch and Foshan Bus Media, the "Happiness Bus" aims to offer couples a unique and memorable wedding experience. It’s a modern twist on traditional weddings, showing that love knows no bounds.

The Bus represents a new "bus+" model that breaks away from tradition, expanding the scope of public transport services to provide citizens with more personalized and diverse travel experiences. For those interested in using the Happiness Bus service, inquiries can be made by following the WeChat public account "佛山巴士传媒."

Additionally, Foshan Bus Media will launch the "520 Love Bus" wedding bus parade on May 20. This event will feature parades in the commercial areas of Chancheng, Nanhai, and Shunde District, witnessing sweet moments for couples who are obtaining their marriage certificates. It will provide newlyweds and couples with wedding proposal check-in scenes, welcoming local and non-local couples from Foshan to participate in the event.


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Photo | Foshan Plus, Foshan News and Media Center

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