牛!埃及新首都CBD所用铝材,一半来自佛山制造 Half of the aluminum of Egypts new capital CBD comes from FS | Amazing Foshan
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  Foshan manufacturing achieves international recognition

  About half of the aluminum used in the Egypt New Administrative Capital (NAC) CBD project

  is made by Foshan JMA Aluminum Profile Factory!


  The project covers about 500,000 m², with a total construction area of about 1.7 million m², including 20 high-rise individual buildings and supporting municipal engineering projects. When it is completed, Egypt will boast the tallest tower in Africa and a world-class CBD, promoting regional economic cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries.


  The construction of landmark buildings and super high-rise buildings has extremely high requirements for aluminum products. During the negotiations, the NAC project contractors expressed their concerns about whether the supplied aluminum could withstand long-distance transportation and meet the ultra-high precision requirement.


  As JMA Aluminum Profile Factory has advanced aluminum manufacturing technologies, extensive expertise and experience of supplying aluminum products for super high-rise building, its proposals for the NAC project are greatly valued. After rounds of negotiations, JMA was chosen as the supplier of nearly 4,000 tons of aluminum profiles for the construction of the twin towers and some commercial office buildings.

  值得关注的是,在此项目中,客户要求参照执行美标ANSI H35.2,产品尺寸公差控制在标准公差的一半,而坚美则采用了比客户更为严格的技术标准进行生产,尺寸最小公差控制在±0.04mm,达到超精密级别。坚美技术团队透露,这是坚美在技术上的又一突破,充分体现了坚美的技术实力和质量管控能力,也使得坚美铝业在此次与众多铝材品牌同台竞技中脱颖而出,在2天内完成技术与商务的洽谈,并获得施工方与客户方的高度认可。

  It is worth noting that the project requires aluminum products to conform to the American standard of ANSI H35.2, allowing product dimensional tolerance of a maximum of half standard tolerance. However, JMA adopted a stricter technical standard, realizing the minimum dimensional tolerance of ±0.04mm, reaching the level of ultra-precision. JMA technical team revealed that it was a new breakthrough in aluminum manufacturing, a proof of JMA’s technical advantage and effective quality control, making JMA stand out from its competitors and concluding business negotiation within 2 days, thus highly regarded by the contractors and clients.


  Floor Plan of Egypt New Administrative Capital (NAC)


  Today, one out of every three iconic supertall buildings (300 meters or taller) in China and five of the worlds Top 10 iconic supertall buildings have used JMA aluminum in their construction. It is also widely used in other world-class buildings, such as the Merdeka PNB118 in Kuala Lumpur , China Shanghai Tower, Shenzhen Ping’An International Financial Center, and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Port Tourist Inspection Building.


  7 out of the world’s 10 tallest buildings have used China-made aluminum products. Among them, 5 are of the JMA brand.


  Due to the lack of high-tech and high-quality aluminum products in the domestic market, 90% of China’s high-performance aluminum are imported. To improve the situation, JMA adopted the strategy of "production transformation and innovation" in 2010, changing production from aluminum alloy to aluminum doors and windows, providing Internet-based customization services, building O2O service platforms for closer and better customer relationship. Meanwhile, JMA never stops its exploration and research of high-end aluminum materials needed in transportation, equipment manufacturing, 5G communication, solar energy and other fields. JMA is the important business partner of such internationally renowned industry giants as Huawei, Ericsson and BYD.


  Rendering of twin towers of Egypts new capital


  JMA, together with other manufacturers in Foshan will strengthen regional economic cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries, making Foshan-made products well-known around the world.