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  October is the season for relaxing recreation
  An authentic cultural and artistic tour in Foshan is coming
  Will you come?
The Portugal Ceramics Exhibition
On October 9th, the Portugal Ceramics Exhibition "Porcelain Affection" opened at the Guangdong New Shiwan Art Museum in Chancheng District, Foshan. The exhibition displayed a total of about 40 Portuguese ceramic works inspired by Chinese porcelain. It not only presents the common porcelains in the family life of local Portuguese residents, but also reflects the far-reaching influence of Chinese ceramics on ceramics of all countries in the world.
The collections on display in this exhibition are all from André Sobral Cordeiro, Consul General of Portugal in Guangzhou. They are of different styles; some are of the vivid images of vegetables, fruits and animals, others are of designs delicate and exuberant.
At the opening ceremony, André said, "The richness and variety of Portuguese ceramics are attributed to its wide usage and the Portuguese pursuit of exquisiteness. This is the result of the introduction of Chinese porcelain to Portugal, reflecting our commonness in values as well as crafts."
Chen Xinwen, Director of the Foshan Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said, “The exhibition of Portuguese porcelain in Foshan, China’s porcelain capital, embodies the aesthetic tastes shared by the two peoples, and their connections and bonds based on the development and prosperity of ceramic art and industry. “I hope the exhibition is a prelude to a glorious cultural communication between Foshan City, Portugal and the rest of the world."
Venue: New Shiwan Art Museum (No. 1, Laixiang Road, Chancheng District, Foshan)
Time: October.9-October.25
HEM Art Museum
On October 1, the HEM Art Museum officially opened, which added an artistic internet-famous site to Foshan. Designed by Tadao Ando, a world-renowned architect, the 16,000-square-meter art museum focuses on modern and global contemporary art in China in the 20th century.
With an attempt to bring people a harmonious and peaceful life through cultural and artistic exchanges, designers named it “HEM Art Museum (Synonymous with “harmony” in Chinese)”. Presented with a variety of “circle” element, the architectural design features it with "harmony", trying to create a new art and culture center that integrates the architectural culture of Lingnan, China.
With a theme of “Things in the World”, the opening exhibition includes featured exhibition and collection exhibition. The featured exhibition brings together contemporary art creations from all over the world. Citizens and tourists should make appointment before visit.
Venue: No.6 Yixing Road, Beijiao New Town, Shunde District
开放时间:周二至周日 10:00-18:00(17:30停止入场)
Time: 10:00-18:00, Tuesday to Sunday (entrance is closed at 17:30)
The 4th China (Foshan) Ceramic Design Week
  The 4th China (Foshan) Ceramic Design Week (hereinafter referred to as Design Week) will be opened on October 30 at Ancient Nanfeng Kiln. This year, the Design Week is officially upgraded to a national activity. It contains one opening ceremony, three major competitions, three exhibitions and one firewood camp, which will present a wonderful pottery feast for the public.
Lighting Ceremony of Avenue of Stars, Red Carpet for Artists, Signature Ceremony of Six Famous Kiln Masters, Award Ceremony of Three Competitions, Lighting Ceremony of Ceramic Flame, Singing and Dancing Performances... a number of creative activities will be unveiled at the opening ceremony of Design Week!
The Design Week will also hold three major exhibitions for one month, including the second Foshan International Art Handicraft Brick Design Competition, the 2020 Shiwan Cup Youth Ceramics Competition, and the Shiwan Ceramic Master Treasure Exhibition and Special Works from the Six Chinese Kilns Exhibition.
Venue: Ancient Nanfeng Kiln
Time: October 30 to November 30
  A palace of culture and a feast of art
  Drunk in the profound cultural atmosphere
  We are waiting for you in Foshan!
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