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  从全球 1500 多个参选项目中脱颖而出



  He Art Museum

  Stood out from more than 1,500 contestant projects worldwide

  Won the 2020 Architecture MasterPrize (AMP)

  Architectural Design of the Year!





  The He Art Museum, located in Beijiao, Shunde, was created by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Tadao Ando from Japan. The Architecture MasterPrize celebrates the very best in design excellence and innovation from the worlds of architectural, interior and landscape design, its judges consisting of the world’s top architects and scholars from well-known universities such as Harvard University and Columbia University.




  Feature: The worlds first

  "double spiral staircase" design



  In the He Art Museum, the double spiral staircase in the atrium, which is the worlds first fair-faced concrete double spiral staircase, has attracted visitors the most. Centered with the double spiral staircase, the non-concentric circular buildings look like water ripples, impressing visitors with the image of a vortex spreading to the city. This design is the core of Tadao Ando’s self-challenge, as he said in his book, “In my works, stairs are designed for people’s hope.”



Go through the circular corridor of the lobby and the center of the building will immediately come into view. The light from the ceiling sheds down into the empty, free space, the double spiral staircase meandering like two parallel rivers that never meet.



  Concept: "Round sky and square earth"



  The design of He Art Museum draws on the Zhengshuo cultural elements of the ancient Chinese philosophy –“Round Sky and Square Earth”. The cylindrical shape of the building is like ripples spreading from the center to the surroundings, with the circle extended and expanded in an upward spiral, gradually departing from its original center, creating a lively, dynamic beauty.



  After studying several local Lingnan buildings, Tadao Ando gave up the squares and triangulars often employed in his works and used layers of spiral, overlapping circles to create an animated beauty of asymmetry.




  Dialogue: I want to push my creative boundaries



  Tadao Ando was entrusted with this project at the age of 75 when he had his five internal organs removed for cancer treatment. The project had drawn wide public attention from its very start, and even Ando himself called it a “Work of confidence”.



  The project began in 2014. After numerous design revisions, field trips and years’ hard, intricate construction, a master-architect-made building was born in a small town in the Pearl River Delta.



  Ando said, “I insist on using concrete because I want to push my creative boundaries. Reinforced concrete made of concrete, water, sand, and steel is ideal for the creation of desired shapes, thus a symbol of modernity.”




  From the Mundane World- Launch Exhibition



  The initiator of the He Art Museum project is a Shunde local whose family privately owns all the exhibits in the museum. The currently ongoing exhibition is themed "From the Mundane World", displaying modern artistic installations on the first and second floors. The 3rd floor is themed as the "worldly restaurant", displaying delicate but practical wine bottles, round dining tables, crystal chandeliers, etc.. And the fourth floor is themed as "The Change of Briefing", displaying traditional Chinese ink paintings by masters like Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, and Guan Shanyue.




  Come and visit He Art Museum to appreciate the melody played by each staircase and each shadow!



  Exhibition information



  “世间风物 —— 和美术馆启动展”

  From the Mundane World-Launch Exhibition of He Art Museum



  Exhibition venues

  1)主题展部分 展厅二、三

  Thematic Exhibition: Gallery2 and 3

  2)馆藏展部分 展厅四

  Collection exhibition: Gallery 4

  * 展厅一暂不开放

  Gallery 1 is temporarily closed



  Opening hours

  周二至周日 10:00-18:00(17:30 停止入场)

  Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (Last admission at 17:30)


  Closed on Monday (the closing day will be postponed to the first working day after the holiday in case of legal holidays)

  * 每月20日为免费公众开放日(遇闭馆日顺延至下一个自然日)

  The 20th of each month is the free museum day (if the museum is closed, it will be postponed to the next calendar day)



  Appointment channel


  Book tickets via the museums official WeChat account