赏香云纱、体验陶艺... 他们对佛山非遗赞不绝口!Foshan Intangible Cultural Tour experience, like it!
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“我们非常喜欢佛山香云纱,实在太漂亮了!我想要买几件回去,并为自己量身定做一套。”安哥拉驻广州总领事夫人Jeanne Karpf在近距离接触一系列香云纱制品后发出感叹。11月27至28日,“佛山非遗文化体验交流活动”邀请来自5个国家领事馆的官员及其家属走进国家非物质文化遗产顺德莨绸保护基地“天意莨园”和大丰唐,了解香云纱工艺、体验陶艺制作,感受佛山的传统与现代。

“It’s very beautiful. We like it and enjoy to see. I’d like to take some clothes and make one for me,” Jeanne Karpf, wife of the Consul General of Angola in Guangzhou, exclaimed over the beauty of a series of Gambiered Canton Gauze after a close admiration. From November 27th to 28th, consulate officials from 5 countries and their families were invited to appreciate the Gambiered Canton Gauze production and ceramic making in TANGY Silk Garden, the National Intangible Cultural Heritage-Shunde Gambiered Canton Silk Protection Base and DATON Pottery during the "Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience and Exchanges" Activity.




Foshan, as a national historical and cultural city, attaches great importance to the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. By June 2020, Foshan has 14 national intangible cultural heritage projects and 50 intangible cultural heritage projects above the provincial level, with 15 national intangible cultural inheritors and 58 intangible cultural inheritors above the provincial level.



Gambiered Canton Gauze dyeing and finishing skill, with a history of nearly 600 years, has appeared in Lunjiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan since the middle of the Qing Dynasty. It is currently the only real silk fabric dyed with pure plant dyes in the world. The TANGY Silk Garden in Lunjiao Town, Shunde District is planned and constructed to protect and inherit this national intangible cultural heritage and promote the development of the Gambiered Canton Gauze cultural industry, which aims to protect, inherit and activate the dyeing and finishing skills of Gambiered Canton Gauze.



Jasmine, wife of the Consul General of Germany in Guangzhou, said that she is very interested in Foshans intangible cultural heritages. She also introduced that the textile materials used by many fashion designers in Germany are derived from Gambiered Canton Gauze. She hopes to organize a Sino-German fashion design event next year so that Chinese and German designers can design fashion products based on Gambiered Canton Gauze together and hopefully more Germans will understand and fall in love with Foshan through cultural exchange activities.




Foshan is known as the Ceramic Capital of the Southern China with a history of more than one thousand years of ceramic production, whose ceramic products have been exported to Southeast Asian countries since the Ming Dynasty. In the DATON Pottery Ceramic Art Exhibition Hall in Zhangcha Sub-district, Chancheng District, the ceramic products with unique shapes and designs are very eye-catching.


西班牙旅游领事Ana Lafuente 女士以及西班牙公民部官员Virginia Delgado女士共同表示,西班牙也有非常悠久的陶瓷传统,也跟佛山很多陶瓷企业有合作。据介绍,西班牙中小学开设有陶瓷相关课程,让学生去了解陶瓷的创作,她们也将会考虑将来跟佛山在文化方面更多深入的交流。

Spanish Tourism Consul Ms. Ana Lafuente and Spanish Citizens Ministry official Ms. Virginia Delgado jointly stated that Spain also has a very long ceramic tradition and cooperates with many ceramic companies in Foshan. It’s reported that Spanish primary and secondary schools offer ceramic-related courses for students to understand ceramic creations. They will also consider more in-depth exchanges with Foshan in cultural aspects in the future.



在近距离了解香云纱和陶瓷制作之后,一行人还动手参与体验扎染、国扇、捏陶等传统技艺,一笔一画,每个步骤都仔细学习。土耳其驻广州总领事Kurtulus Aykan表示,来到顺德莨绸保护基地,才了解每一道工序都是一门学问,十分感谢能有这个难得的体验机会。“我会铭记这次难忘的经历。”总领事夫人Tulu Icozu Aykan期待以后还有机会学习、体验和发现更多更精彩的中国文化。

After closely learning about the making of Gambiered Canton Gauze and ceramics making, the delegation also participated in the experience of traditional techniques such as tie-dyeing, national fan, pottery kneading, etc., each step of which was carefully studied. Kurtulus Aykan, Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou, said that when he came to the Shunde Silk Conservation Base, he realized that expertise is hidden behind all the process and he is very grateful for this rare experience opportunity. "I will keep this wonderful memory," Tulu Icozu Aykan, wife of the Consul General of Turkey in Guangzhou, looks forward to learning, experiencing and discovering more excellent Chinese culture.


土耳其驻广州总领事Kurtulus Aykan及其夫人Tulu Icozu Aykan接受佛山新闻网采访


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