伦敦实行最高级别封锁!那里的留学生怎样了?How are overseas students doing in the UK?
Foshan China 2020-12-25 14:35
Recently, a new strain of the coronavirus has been reported
 by the UK government
From December 20
London and its surrounding regions
have been placed in the highest Tier 4 level of restrictions
How are overseas students doing in the UK?
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What are the current situations and epidemic prevention measures in the UK?
Penny, a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester, said that in order to reduce the risk of infection, she has bought enough daily necessities and is currently staying at home for self-isolation. 
Tracy, a postgraduate student at University College London (UCL), said that during the Christmas holiday, the reports of the new virus strains have brought some negative impacts that goods in supermarkets did sell faster. However, both daily necessities and epidemic prevention supplies are plentiful.
Steven Lo, a postgraduate student at Cardiff University, said that Christmas activities in Britain have been cancelled, with more people wearing masks on the streets and fewer passengers on public transport such as trains. Many shops close at about 4: 00 p.m. due to the dine-in restrictions. Some of his classmates had already been vaccinated in China before going to the UK, but he did not received the vaccine. Currently, there is an age limit for the first and second batches of vaccines in the UK, so he can only rely on his self-immunity. 
Ma Tianer, a junior at Newcastle University, said that at present, local epidemic prevention supplies are abundant. Face masks, disinfectant and other goods are supplied in most supermarkets, and shops are also equipped with hand sanitizer. Most people support the government to conduct a blockade, more and more people are aware of the importance of masks and social distancing, and the government has stepped up efforts to arrange police patrols to maintain the implementation of the policy. She believes that the long-term blockade will promote a more positive development of the epidemic prevention, and the research and injection of vaccines have also brought people more faith.
How does the situation affect students and schools?
Currently, most universities are on Christmas holiday. Tracy said that the university has been sending reminders by emails all the time, and the embassy has also distributed epidemic prevention supplies to students through the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA).
Lily, a postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, said that everything is normal and the student union have sent warm Christmas presents. 
Newcastle University, where Ma Tianer is located, is also on holiday. With the exception of some subjects that have to participate offline, such as medical specialty, most subjects are delivered through online courses. At present, the epidemic situation in the nearby area has been effectively controlled, with only about 10 new cases each week, and most of them have successfully recovered.
Simon, a first-year doctoral student at the University of Leeds, said that there are no teaching tasks at the doctoral level. Therefore, he spends most of the time in discussing research progress with his mentor, and he has been working remotely from home on his computer. The university is almost completely closed, which will open in January again for new undergraduate and graduate students.
How do they feel? What are the upcoming plans?
Abigail, who is a postgraduate at the University of Manchester, said that as long as everyone calms down and do well in prevention, everything will be fine. There is no need to be panic. 
Recently, Ma Tianer has received concerns from families and friends. Being in charge of the epidemic prevention work of local students association, she has organized the distribution of health kits for four times, sending out a total of nearly 8,000 health kits. As the second peak of returning schools will be in January and February, she plans to stay in the UK and continues to distribute health kits for the fifth time. 
Simon believes that as a Chinese overseas student, his first task is to calm down, prevent unnecessary travels, follow the governments epidemic prevention rules, reasonably do daily exercise, focus on his studies, and live a good life.
We sincerely hope that all overseas students
can finish their study safely 
The motherland will always be the support for you
Let’s hold hands to fight against the pandemic
and look forward to getting better

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