这些外国人在佛山过春节 How do foreigners in Foshan celebrate Spring Festival?| Amazing Foshan
Foshan China 2021-02-10 16:44


  As the Spring Festival draws closer, many foreigners decided to stay in Foshan for the holiday. What are they going to do during the festival? Let’s take a look.


  Ruben: take care of baby and work out


  “In the past, my new year resolution was all about job promotion, a higher pay or travelling around the world. But for now, all I want is that everyone is happy and my daughter grows up well.” Ruben said. Though he has been in Foshan for nearly a decade, Ruben often went out for a trip during the Spring Festival. Since he became a father this year, something has changed: there are more festive decorations at home; he and his wife stay home to take care of their two-month-old daughter and spend quality family time together. Apart from that, he is recently hitting the gym every day for a weight loss challenge, setting a good example for his child.

  英国友人 Aaron:宅家过节,放松身心

  Aaron: stay home for relaxation


  Following the “Stay Home for the Chinese New Year” Initiative by Foshan government against the pandemic, Aaron, who had planned a self-driving trip to Hunan Province, now chose to stay at home and enjoy himself. “I’ve bought a puzzle with 2,000 pieces. I think I’ll finish it before the end of the new year break.” He would like to invite some friends over for board games, go for a walk or hang out in some neighboring cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhongshan. As for him, this seven-day holiday is a good chance for relaxation.

  中尼家庭Chantal & Peter:让孩子体验年味

  Chantal & Peter: let children experience a festive new year


  Chantal from Foshan and Peter from Nigeria have been married for almost nine years with three children. This new year is as simple and cozy as any others in the past – buying potted tangerine, going shopping, to visit grandma and to go on trips with friends, etc. “The kids are very excited for the Chinese New Year. They know they can eat candies and receive Hongbaos.” Chantal said, “we would teach them to use their pocket money wisely, as I encouraged them to donate some of it to those people in need.” At kindergarten, children joined activities like writing couplets and selling festive goods to know more about traditions and culture. “After all, family reunion is the most important thing of the festival.” Chantal said.


  Dr. Vikalp: cook a big meal for friends

  “到佛山工作已三年,Dr. Vikalp(中文名:黄小龙)说今年要过个好年:买了红火的春联,备好鸡鱼、美酒、零食等年货。“我家里已经有一棵桃花,这两天还要去买一盆年桔,希望今年大吉大利。”曾在东北留学的他,春节期间打算邀请朋友们来“串门”,和朋友们一起包饺子,做几道拿手好菜,体验新年团聚的味道。作为医务工作者,他为病人们提前准备了红包和礼物,准备在大年初一送上新年祝福。

  Having worked in Foshan for 3 years, Dr. Vikalp (Huang Xiaolong) is buckled up for an amazing new year – new year couplets, chicken, fish, wines and snacks are in stock. “There’s already a peach blossom at home. I’ll still need a potted tangerine for the wish of a lucky year.” Once he was an international student in Northeast China; so this year he planned to invite some friends over so that they can hang out and make dumplings and other Chinese dishes together. As a doctor, he has prepared some Hongbaos (pocket money wrapped in red paper) and gifts for patients, sending best wishes on first day of the lunar year.


  Fons: have fun travelling in Foshan


  Fons was married to a Shunde girl and now he highly embraces Chinese culture. He already bought flowers and holiday goods last week with his wife and even post videos about it on Tiktok. “It’s kind of a bummer that flower markets in Foshan have been cancelled.” He said. For this year, he is going to Lingnan Tiandi or Xingtan, Shunde for tour. “There are a lot choices for trips within Guangdong Province, but still Foshan is my favorite.”

  俄罗斯外教Lisa, Jessica:陪家人朋友,体验中国文化

  Lisa & Jessica: spend time with families and friends and experience local culture


  Speaking fluent mandarin, Lisa has lived in Foshan for over a decade. Now she works as a foreign teacher at Blossom International Experiment Kindergarten. She much appreciates going to the flower market on Spring Festival and last year she bought some lovely orchids. She thinks that it is important to spend more time with families and friends during the holiday because people are usually busy working. Jessica is Lisa’s colleague at the kindergarten. This year she plans to cook and bake at apartment with her husband, read a lot of books, go for a walk by the lake, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery. She felt excited about her first Spring Festival in Foshan and hoped it can be an amazing chance to experience Chinese culture and see what Chinese people do during the festival.


文:Jessica, Jersey