佛山元宵习俗这么多,你却只知道吃汤圆?Celebrate the Lantern Festival in Foshan
Foshanstyle 2021-02-26 15:23


  Today, we celebrate the Lantern Festival. In Foshan, what are the traditions and customs during this special day? Lets find out together!

  吃汤圆 Taste Rice Dumpligs (Tangyuan)

(Photo by Southern Weekly)


  Most Foshan people love to enjoy some yummy rice dumplings on Lantern Festival. Eating “Tangyuan” has ingrained as an iconic custom of Chinese traditional culture.


  As experts on folk culture tell us, “Tangyuan” looks like a bright moon hanging in the sky when they float on boiling water. Accordingly, this tradition showcases people’s wish for family reunion.

  闹花灯 Light Up Lanterns


  Based on local traditions, thousands of colorful lanterns will be lighted up on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month for celebration, which is why it is given the name Lantern Festival.


  Luo Yixing, a Foshan historian, added that in Agrarian Society men would be away from home to make a living while women would stay home taking care of the family. Only on Lantern Festival were all people allowed to watch the lanterns. Women, on this very day, took the opportunity to find their “Mr. Right”, which in some ways seems like today’s Valentines Day.


  To this date, a wide array of gorgeous lanterns will be hung up in parks to celebrate a festive Lantern Festival.

  猜灯谜 Solve Lantern Riddles


  A Lantern Festival experience in Foshan would not be complete without a game - solving lantern riddles.


  It is a word game inspired by this festival. In ancient China, people would paste riddles at the back of lanterns. Participants would be asked to take a guess. It has become a special folk culture that entertains people of all ages and genders. If you have time this year, come and try it ourself to win a lucky prize.

  舞醒狮 Watch Lion Dancing Performance

(Photo by OCT Harbor Plus)


  Lion dancing is well-known as an excellent folk art in Foshan. Whenever here comes the Lantern Festival or a bustling celebration, lion dancing teams will help to spice up the scenes.


  The custom dates all the way back to the Three Kingdoms period and became popular in the Southern and Northern Dynasties with a history of more than a thousand years.

  行通济 Walk Through Tongji Bridge



  Walk through Tongji Bridge online, and get rid of all the bad luck!


  Walking through Tongji Bridge is an annual cultural event in Foshan that boosts a history of over 400 years. Due to the tightened regulations against COVID-19, this event will be organized in a digital way with well-designed games and live-streaming, making it possible for Foshan people to keep up to this tradition while avoiding social gathering.


  Now, citizens can get involved with their smartphone. Browsing through a hand-written 3D page, you can “walk” through iconic architectures including the arcades, Tongji Memorial Gate, Tongji Bridge and Lettuce Pool. You can also walk pass charity markets and stalls selling Foshan cultural and creative works. The occasion will be as exciting as what it used to be. During your “walk”, you can generate your own photos and posters as well. At last, get your lucky draw in a “Fu (happiness) bag”. Much more fun things to do! Don’t miss it out!


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  Wish everyone a happy Lantern Festival!


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