南海11km徒步路线来了!赏千亩鱼塘、花海鹭鸟…… A hiking trip in gorgeous Foshan | Amazing Foshan
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  On lovely April days, it is the right time to go for a hiking. Most recently, the 2021 Nanhai Feature Hiking Campaign with a theme of “Beautiful Country · Healthy Trip” will be held on April 24th (this Saturday). 


  The picturesque hiking route has 11 kilometers in length. This time, without going afar you’ll have a taste of a poetic and pastoral life.  

  Photo by the Official Wechat Account of "南海旅游"


  Route: Rulin Square - Jiangbin Road – Sanxiangwei - Haishou Hejiang Village - Shangxi Xianfeng Road -Shangxi Avenue - Guan’s Ancestral Temple (Shude Hall) - Shangxi Xishan Cultural Center - Xiaxi Daren - Dacanfang (Tanhua Park).


  Participants are encouraged to travel in small groups this year. Besides hiking, many tourism hotspots are worth a visit along the way. 

  Groups of egrets having fun on tidal flats



  "Green Carpet" at Jiujiang Wetland Park


  Guan’s Ancestral Temple after renovation in Shangxi Village


  Even if you missed the campaign on 24th, it doesn’t matter at all. You can come here another time to avoid the “rush hour” too. The beautiful landscape will never escape from your very eyes. 


  Where else can we go hiking in Foshan? Let’s now take a look.


  Chancheng: Asian Arts Park

  Photo by the Official Wechat Account of "南海旅游"


  Let’s take a look at Chancheng’s hiking spot. Asian Arts Park might be a choice. Hike along tourism sites inside the park (such as “水上舞台”, “禅城花岛”、“梦荷画廊”), you will find yourself lost in these attractions and also got exercise. What a place!


  Nanhai: Xianlu Island

  Photo from Offical Website of Dreamland Waterside Village

  众所周知,贤鲁岛拥有70亩的花海,坐拥最美油菜花、虞美人、波斯菊...... 其实很多人不知道,它还有着一条长达13.8公里的绿道,在赏花之余,我们不妨可欣赏下沿线的风韵古村、主题民宿等亮点。

  Known to all, Xianlu Island covers a flower “sea” of about 46,000 square meters, which is home to the most gorgeous display of rapeseed flowers, poppies, and cosmos. Few knows there is also a 13.8-kilometer greenway. When enjoying those gorgeous blossoms, you might as well walk around antique villages and themed guesthouses along the trail. 


  Shunde: Shunfeng Mountain Park



  Photo by Foshan News Network


  In Shunfeng Mountain Park that holds an area of 5.3 square kilometers, tourists are allowed to experience a combination of natural landscapes of greenery, lakes and mountains, and historical relics such as Qingyun Tower and Taiping Pagoda. There is also a vast forest coverage inside the park, and hikers can lift up their adventurous spirits by walking along long winding plank roads. 


  Gaoming: Zaomu Mountain

  Gorgeous view of Zaomu Mountain (Photo by Lai Zhihua)


  For those who have stayed in the city for long, you might consider going to "Natural Oxygen Bar" in Gaoming. As the “peak of Foshan”, Zaomu Mountain is a place close to nature.

  Rosy sunset at the peak (Photo by Lai Zhihua)


  After twists and turns, you’ll be standing on the summit at an altitude of 804.5 meters, a place that dwarfs all other hills. What a great sense of pride.


  Sanshui: Nanshan Town

  Photo by Foshan News Network 


  For those fruit lovers, Nanshan Town in Sanshui is definitely a place you should consider. Reputed as "Guangdong Shangri-La", the gorgeous town is home to a “fruit corridor” of about 6 square kilometers. There comes inviting smells from fruits all year around. 


  These are the tourism spots you can go for a hiking trip. Where are you going this May Day? 

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