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2021-05-31 13:00



  【禅城区】 Chancheng District



  Dawugang Forest Park - A sea of green



    Located in Shiwan Town, Chancheng District, Dawugang Forest Park consists of Dawugang Park, Fengning Temple, Lianfeng Academy and so on. In this 257,000-square-meter land, visitors are welcomed to enjoy leisure time in the verdure. At dusk, when the setting sun again sheds a golden light over Baofeng Pagoda on the top of mountain, visitors may feel the special connection with the old days.






  【南海区】 Nanhai District



  Baiyun Cave, Xiqiao Mountain - Natural “air-conditioner” 



  Plunging waterfalls and calm lakes, precipitous cliff and steep stone ladder, rare stones and well-constructed pavilions, are all hidden in this cave away from the world. Standing in front of the waterfalls in hot summer days, one will feel extremely refreshing. 







  Nanhaiwan - An “emerald” on the map



  Nanhaiwan, surrounded by luxuriant green, is one of the best places to go hiking. It is recommended to ascend the creek on a plank road while enjoying the landscape of clear water and rushing waterfalls along the way. At the end of around 3-kilometer winding path, a wonderland of a lucid and mirror-like lake will surprisingly appear right in your eyes!






  【顺德区】 Shunde District



  Fengjian Watertown - rural life by the rivers 



  Visitors who wish to escape from all the bustle of city life, can spend a leisurely weekend in this Lingnan village. Admiring houses that date back the Ming and Qing Dynasty, having fun on a wooden boat or tasting Shunde local snacks are good choices to deeply experience rural life here.




  Qinghui Garden - ancient garden with long history



  Qinghui Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong with a history of over 300 years. Visitors are blessed with a chance to learn about ancient Chinese culture, art and architecture of Lingnan garden, as well as features of Lingnan watertown. Such a picturesque and elegant garden beckons travelers from afar.




  【高明区】 Gaoming District



  Yunyong Forest - natural oxygen bar



  Yunyong Forest in Gaoming District, Foshan City, covers an area of over 20 square kilometers, more than 90% of which is forest. The forest in early summer is saturated with green. Sunlight casts dappled shadow on the ground through leaves dancing with gentle breeze.




  【三水区】 Sanshui District 



  Jiudao Valley rafting - water roller coaster



  Jiudao Valley is in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District. The rafting river is 3.8 kilometers in length, with a drop of 238 meters. Within the two-hour exciting journey, passengers drift through nine bends, five gorges and thirty shoals, in the company of lush mountains on both sides, scented summer breeze and merry chirp.





  Summer has already arrived. Come and pick a summer resort to enjoy a cool vacation!



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