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With Chinese New Year just around the corner, have you done the Spring Festival shopping and prepared holiday gifts for friends and relatives? These 8 gifts with distinctive Foshan characters are amazing options for you. Come to check out our recommendation!



Mandarin Orange


与圣诞树在西方文化里有着美好寓意相似,年桔是中国春节的吉祥树。在佛山,“摆年花,摆年桔”是家家户户春节习俗。送一盆年桔给亲友,也代表着送给他们最美好的祝福。Just like how Christmas trees mean for westerners, mandarin orange is a symbol of good luck in Chinese New Year. For centuries, it has been a household custom for Foshan people to set up gorgeous flowers and plants of mandarin orange when the New Year comes. A pot of Mandarin orange, as an auspicious gift, can bring your best wishes to friends and families.


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Spring Festival Couplets


对于中国人来说,贴春联是一件极具过年仪式感的事情。对联的主题一般为健康、财富和好运。每逢春节临近,在佛山的街头巷尾,都可以看到有书法大师或书法爱好者即席挥毫。如果你偶遇到他们,记得买一对回家哦。Pasting Spring Festival couplets is like a ceremony for Chinese to feel the New Year atmosphere. They are usually written with the themes of health, wealth and good luck. As the Spring Festival approaches, some calligraphers will handwrite couplets on streets in Foshan. If you come across them, don’t miss the chance to buy one.




Kurhn Doll


可儿是中国第一个原创娃娃品牌,诞生于佛山南海。娃娃的服饰、妆容、发型和配饰,无处不体现出中国文化的精髓。作为正宗的“佛山妹子”,怎么能少了独具佛山特色的剪纸和功夫造型?想必这样独特的礼物一定非常受欢迎!As the first doll brand in China, Kurhn Doll was born in a local workshop in Nanhai, Foshan. The designs of the doll, including costume, makeup, coiffure and accessory, epitomize the essence of Chinese culture. As a "Foshan girl", Kurhn Doll is also dressed in many local elements like paper-cuttings and Kungfu. Such a unique gift is sure to be popular souvenir.





Shiwan Ceramics


“石湾陶”是佛山独特的城市标识,浓缩着佛山发展的文脉根基。陶瓷储物罐、陶瓷茶壶茶杯、陶瓷狮头……各式各样的陶瓷文创产品格外吸睛。买一个带回家装点家居,是不错的选择。Shiwan ceramics has always been regarded as an icon that well represents the city itself, as an essential part of profound local culture. Ceramic works, like jar containers, teapots, cups and dancing lion heads, which are presented in a cultural creative way, catch people’s attention. Why not take one home for decoration?




Rattan works


南海藤编是一种古老的传统手工艺品,曾一度为朝廷贡品,至今已有一千多年历史。藤条在匠人手中编织成椅子、摇篮、坐垫、箩筐以及各种各样的装饰品。Rattan work, once as an article of tribute, is a handicraft passed down from more than a thousand year ago in Nanhai District. Rattan is made by dexterous craftsmen into all kinds of artifacts, ranging from cradles, cushions, baskets to decorations.



Gambiered Canton Silk


香云纱,有近600年历史。做工精细复杂,因而有“软黄金”的美誉。以香云纱面料作为主体设计的手袋、零钱包、围巾、灯饰、家具模型等日常生活用品,既具有精美绝伦的设计,又具有实用价值,在海内外都颇受欢迎。Xiangyun Silk or Gambiered Canton Silk is a traditional clothing with a history of 600 years. It is also known as “soft gold” in that it is involved with highly complex production process. With exquisite design and practical use, items like handbags, coin purses, scarves, lighting, furniture models made from this clothing are really sought-after in Foshan and beyond.




Duichuan Tea


对川茶产自高明的对川茶场,园内所产茶类包括红茶、青茶、绿茶等,品之馥郁香醇、嚼之苦后回甘,爽滑色浓,是茶客们的热门回购产品。Duichuan Tea is produced by Duichuan Farm in Gaoming District, where black tea, green tea and other varieties of tea are well nourished here. The tea, with fresh smell, bittersweet taste, bright color and smooth texture, is a hot brand for tea drinker.




Wax Gourd Pastry


对于吃货来说,点心是最好的手信了。三水的黑皮冬瓜酥是用黑皮冬瓜,配搭上酥皮烘制而成的。外酥内软,碰撞出不一样的味蕾体验。浓香纯正的奶油味和清香浓郁的果味填满整个口腔,唇齿留香!For foodies, dim sum probably is the best gift! Wax gourd pastry, a specialty in Sanshui District, is made of puff and black-skin wax gourd. Take a bite, and you will definitely be impressed by its soft puff and gooey filling. When you chew it, strong creamy flour and refreshing fruit flavor burst out in your mouth.



So many choicesWhich specialty would you like to bring home?


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