"Fanta" again burning wild this year in Songtang Village, Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-09-14 10:31

September 10th is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, and the traditional event "Burning Fanta" has been staged in Songtang Village in Xiqiao Town of Nanhai District.



"Burning Fanta" is a preserved event during the Mid-Autumn Festival in villages of Foshan and Zhaoqing. It is particularly popular in Nanhai Danzao Xiangang Village, Xiqiao Songtang Village, Luocun Shangbai Village, Zhaoqing Lao Liang and etc.



On September 10th, the traditional "Burning Fanta" begins at eight oclock. There are moon cakes and fruits placed next to the "Fanta" and there are incenses put at the bottom of it. The lions set off from Songtang Kongsheng Temple, passed Qingyun road, Hanlin door, and soon came to the "Fanta" with the sound of firecrackers.



People believe that the "Fanta" represents a praying for luckiness and fortune. The higher the fire, the better business will be.



Nowadays, the "Burning Fanta" during the Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a folk custom, but also a symbol of people’s pursuit for a prosperous, smooth, colorful and harmonious life.



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