"25㎡ Rhapsody" presented at Foshan Grand Theater
Foshan China 2022-09-14 10:10

On September 11, "25㎡ Rhapsody", a dance theater, was staged at the Foshan Grand Theater. Spotlights were landed on young choreographer and dancer Dazhu, who expressed his emotions in life with dance moves.



"25㎡ Rhapsody" incorporates dramatic elements. The main character is a a nomad traveling into the city, moving from one city to another with a 20-inch suitcase. There is no grassland, no horses, but only planes, high-speed rail and cars. Every city looks alike, and all hotel rooms are almost the same... Inside of him was the longing passion for contact with nature and exploring on the grassland.



According to Dazu, 25 square meters represent a metaphor. After the pandemic stroke, young people no longer have the chance to travel freely, but only move in a limited living space. The turth is their yearning for a pastoral life from afar still exist. The infinite imagination allows the audience to have all kinds of "fantasy".



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