Worlds Lion finds ways to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Gaoming
Foshan China 2022-09-14 10:17

On September 10th , Foshan celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. The exhibition center of Ha Kwok Cheung worlds lion dance training base carries out activities like dancing lantern dragons and making flower lanterns in the Jun Mingcheng mall in Gaoming District, Foshan.



Noted as the world’s lion, Ha Kwok Cheung Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe set up its exhibition center of lion dance training in Gao Ming sports center this May. Afterwards, dragon and lion dance craft is brought to many people, incluing a tour into local schools in Foshan.


During the activity, under the guidance of Huang Yanqiong, the inheritor of flower lantern, parents and their children make their own special lanterns by first making brackets and then cutting and pasting paper. Ms. Wu and her children spent about an hour making a simple diamond-shaped lantern. In her opinion, this activity not only enhances childrens observation, imagination and manual ability, but also helps them understand traditional culture and feel the charm of it.



When night falls, a giant 22-meter-long lantern dragon roams around the Jun Mingcheng mall with the beating of gongs and drums. Different from the traditional dragon dance performance, the dragon body is attached to lighting fixtures, imitating candle lighting. During the parade, there are interactive activities such as touching the dragons body and wearing the dragons belly for good luck, causing wide public attention .


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