Baifulu buffalo milk: a savory way to recall childhood
Foshan China 2022-09-24 10:27

There is a time-honored brand of water buffalo milk in Foshan named Baifulu. With a history of 32 years in Guicheng, Nanhai District, it is in the memory of many people and it still sells well in the Pearl River Delta.




You can easily run into a Baifulu shop in the streets of Foshan. Every morning, fresh milk is served on time at all buffalo milk supply stations.


Water buffalo milk is not just milk plus water as its Chinese name Shuiniunai (water cow milk) indicates. Instead, it refers to milk squeezed directly from the buffalos without any other ingredients. Compared to the ordinary milk, its taste is more mellow.



Due to its high protein, buffalo milk is also the best raw material for dairy-containing food such as double-skin milk, ginger milk, milk tea and buttermilk pancakes in Foshan where the food culture thrives.



The production and processing place of Baifulu is in Buffalo Milk Research and Development Co., Ltd. in Nanhai District. In a single day, there will be 17 to 18 tons of milk products here to be produced, packed and inspected. Then they will be sent from Guicheng to hundreds of sales stores around the Pearl River Delta.


Baifulus farms are located in Zhaoqing and Qingyuan, Guangdong province. All fresh milk is placed in tanks for frozen storage as soon as it is collected on the farms. In the early morning they will be transported to the company as quickly as possible.



In 1987, Baifulu buffalo milk was originally a pilot project for the development of buffalo milk category by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Today, Buffalo Milk Research and Development Co., Ltd. has developed into a dairy enterprise integrating buffalo breeding, breed improvement, and buffalo milk product development, processing and sales.


Blooming all over Foshan, this bottle of buffalo milk finds its way from a project to a large enterprise with its endeavor to provide high nutrition milk to the neighborhood and the business environment in Guicheng.





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