When antique beauty meets romantic pink in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-11-10 10:47

Graceful ancient style and pink romance meet, a time when you feel the Special autumn scenery of Lingnan.

There is a romance from the Shunfeng Mountain Park in autumn.

You can watch the Green Cloud Tower among the kapok flower.

Qingyun Tower and Taiping Tower look grand in distance.

The kapok flower looks like some "pink clouds" that greet you.

In Shunfeng Mountain Park, there are still historical buildings such as Qingyun Tower, Taiping Tower, and Cantonese Opera Park.

A gazebo hidden under kapok in the Shunfeng Mountain Park.

Flowers meets ancient charm.

Why not choose a leisure time to see the romance and ancient charm of the Shunfeng Mountain Park.

The flower, tree and the Cantonese Opera park.

Use your eyes and lens to see the gift of nature, and feel special autumn of Lingnan.

Residents walk on the beautiful road.

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