Sanlongwan Art and Culture Week: 10 days to breed integrated urban development
Foshan China 2022-11-16 17:43

On Nov 11, Foshan Sanlongwan Art and Culture Week was kicked off at Dragon Boat Square, Foshan New City. The 10-day themed event presented a cultural feast for citizens, displaying the creative urban living space of Sanlongwan.

As a strategic platform in Foshan, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City exerts an important role on constructing the Greater Bay Area. Sanlongwan Art and Culture Week is poised to play an important role in strengthening innovative construction and attracting more high-end creative resources.

Cross-boundary collaboration to highlight high-end art community

The opening ceremony was kick-started with a creative show combining Foshan Martial Art and Modern hip-pop.

With the idea of “Art Comes from Life and Can Also Guide It; Art Inherits Culture and Can Also Create It”, the event also invited professors and influencers to deliver lectures of various themes. At the same time, high-level talents were invited to cycle around Sanlongwan Greenway, and well-known folk musicians were invited to perform on the stage of “Foshan Talent Night”.

As a crucial brand of Foshan Nighttime Economy, Sanlongwan Cruise started the first music festival with the first trio concert on the deck in Foshan this year. In the future, Sanlongwan Cruise will present more musical events, combining cruise tour and art. 

Vice Chairman of the Foshan CPPCC Zhang Bing said Sanlongwan Sci&tech City has been committed to building a more livable, open and active high-end art community. Aiming at building an international art platform of the Greater Bay Area, the event will enable Sanlongwan to gain more momentum.

Quality Amenities to promote integrated development

This cultural feast is not just a grand stage to display city image but also a chance to attract talents. In order to build a talent-friendly city, Sanlongwan expands measures to develop amenities.

In terms of coping with school admissions for children of international talents, Sanlongwan has gathered and built quality schools with a total investment of 6.8 billion yuan from 2021 to 2030.

In healthcare, Sanlongwan has built Foshan New City Maternity And Child Health Hospital and Foshan Sanlongwan First People’s Hospital, injecting impetus to the quality medical services of Sanlongwan.

In transportation, Foshan Metro Line 2 and Guangzhou Metro Line 7 has operated since 2021. While optimizing the transportation of Sanlongwan, it will strengthen the connection with top domestic transportation hubs and talent hubs such as Guangzhou South Railway Station and Guangzhou University Town.

It’s predicted that as the quality of city amenities improves, Sanlongwan will become a suitable residence for more talents to live in.

Superb Services to build a highland for international talents

Talent is regarded as the primary resource. To create a highland of scientific and technological innovation, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City promotes International Talent Hall with one-stop services to foster a world-class business environment.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Foshan Sino-German Industrial Service Zone (Sanlongwan Sci&tech City) Pan Dongsheng said that in the future, Sanlongwan will strive to create a city model of integrated development through promoting work such as intellectual property, sci&tech innovation and industrial innovation.

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