Over 800 thousands visitors! Bustling Foshan returns to normal
Foshan China 2023-01-05 19:08

During New Year’s holiday, with 33 A-grade scenic spots open to the public, the number of visitors in A-grade scenic spots in Foshan has reached 800 thousand, an increase of 47.37 percent year-on-year, showing a strong backspin in cultural tourism market.

Today, let’s review the stunning moments.

Various themed activities held across districts

On December 31, 2022 Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Composition Competition Finals was held online. Along with the traditional master pieces in Foshan, the perfect combination of western and Chinese music culture has won the applause from the crowd.

Additionally, there are multiple themed activities held in five districts.

Since the launching of 13th Lingnan Folk Culture Festival in Chancheng on January 2023, there will be 45 activities including flower market, live music held in the following 2 months to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.

Regarding Nanhai, the Art Field Festival is one of attractions that are constantly on the list. Apart from artworks, the food festival held in Xiqiao Town also gave visitors composite experience. For gaming fan, 2022 Peace Elite League Competition Final was definitely their priority.

“A Bite of Shunde” Lingnan Folk Culture Festival was launched in Shunde. Meanwhile, there was booths of intangible cultural heritage set in Shunfeng Mountain, popularizing the names of tradition cultures.

For citizens in Gaoming and Sanshui, there are various events provided, covering fireworks show, camping, flower festival, etc.

Abundant cultural tourism products to stimulate consumption

Tons of scenic spots have offered special cultural tourism products to attract visitors. For instance, Sanshui Lotus Wonderland held 2023 New Year Fireworks Show to celebrate. Targeted at young generation, Fisherman’s Wharf in Ronggui established a toy exhibition, presenting the most fashionable toys and models.

Diverse public cultural services provided

During New Year’s holiday, cultural organizations in Foshan have provided over 50 public cultural activities.

“Lingnan Cake Mold Exhibition” in Ancestral Temple Museum, “Rabbit Ceramic Zodiac Exhibition” in Qinghui Garden Museum, “National Farmers Photography Exhibition” held by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles are some of the events that have caught public attention.

Sport is also one popular topic. Multiple events were held like 2023 National New Year Climbing Fitness Conference (Guangdong Session), 2023 Ronggui New Year Fun Run and Cycling Activity, so as to encourage citizens exercise during holiday.

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