Annual Sports Carnival - Foshan 50km Hike 2023 Coming!
Foshan China 2023-03-01 17:59

Foshan 50km Hike 2023 is coming! This sports carnival belonging to Foshan people will be held this year on March 25th. It is exciting that with all its familiar specialties, the 50 km Hike will be upgraded into Foshan 50km Hiking Culture Week this year, with both online and offline resources fully integrated. All the sports enthusiasts can gleefully hike through five districts of Foshan together.

Foshan has held the “Beautiful Foshan All the Way Forward - Foshan 50km Hike” event for six years since 2015. This highly praised event has attracted more than one million domestic and foreign hiking enthusiasts and citizens to participate in and gained great recognition in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even the whole country. After several years of development, the 50km hike has even been written into the annual government work report and become a key livelihood project for Foshan government.

As one of the most famous Foshan’s brand, 50km Hike features five specially designed hiking routes which connect 32 Foshan’s scenic viewpoints and integrate the urban upgrading highlights of its five districts. And at last, these five routes will converge, all ending at Century Lotus Sports Center, Foshan New City. During 50km Hike, citizens can experience the beautiful scenery of the city, witness the remarkable development been made, and, gain a sense of happiness and pride.

Due to the pandemic, Foshan 50km Hike has been creatively carried out in the form of “Hiking on Cloud” for the last few years, breaking the limitations of time and space. But in this year, 2023, the favorable offline 50km Hike event will be held again! The latest progress of Foshan’s urban development as a livable,,resilient, and smart city will be displayed in this event both online and offline.

Reporter | Tang

Revisor | Eddie

Photo | Foshan Plus