"Awakening Lion", a new landmark in FS wins AHLA
Foshan China 2023-04-28 17:01

The public artwork "Awakening Lion" at Qiandeng Lake Citizen Square in Foshan was among the list of winners of the third Asia Habitat Landscape Award (AHLA), which were announced on April 24th.

From artwork to internet-famous landmark, it is showcasing its potential as an extendable feature in the city.

Lion culture adds greater distinctiveness to the city

The inspiration of the "Awakening Lion" is derived from the Lingnan Lion Head culture. Contemporary stainless-steel materials and transparent visual effects were utilized to showcase an extraordinary image of a lion head through the extraction of its spirit and essence.

The creator has a vivid vision about the form and underlying cultural symbols, even introduces unique elements to better deliver the idea of integration between modern fashion and traditional cultures.

12.8-meter landmark creates a sense of local identity

The scale of "Awakening Lion" is truly impressive. By enlarging a traditional lion dance prop to a artwork of 12.8 meters high, the visual impact is stunning.

The semi-transparent lion's head made of woven metal acts as a blurry watermark on the cityscape, enhancing the sense of identification for locals.

Beyond its scale and unique material, the most significant impact of the "Awakening Lion" is how it functions as a sculpture that citizens can use and interact with.

It serves not only as an public artwrok, but also as a functional element that can be used for theater performances, concerts, press conferences, and ceremony. It creates a contemporary dialogue with tradition, unfolding a grand performance on its stage.

Reporter| Eleanor

Reviser | Eddie

Photo | Nanhai Guicheng