2023 Sanlongwan Creator Season kicked off with furious dragon boat race
Foshan China 2023-05-09 16:58

On May 4, a dragon boat team consisting of more than 200 young talents from 17 companies made an appearance at Wenhan Lake Park in Sanlongwan. The athletes chanted and competed to row their dragon boats rhythmically, thrusting them forward through the splashing waves.

Intense competition: 17 youth teams showcase the warrior spirit of Foshan dragon boat

On May 4, the Youth Day, the Sanlongwan Creator Season kicked off with an exciting 200-meter straight-line dragon boat race. Over 200 young talents from 17 technology companies, research platforms, social organizations and associations have participated in the competition.

"Ready, go!" At 8:30am in the morning, dragon boats shot out of the starting line as the starting pistol echoed across Wenhan Lake. The young talent paddlers rowed intensively in coordinate with the drumbeat, eliciting astonishment from onlookers watching from the shore.

After intense competition, the final winners were announced, with the Xintiandi Dragon Boat Team from the Aibisi Industrial Park, the Zhengjie Dragon Boat Team from the Hongsheng Technology, and the Youlian Dragon Boat Team from Yi'an Science and Technology Park taking the first, second, and third prizes respectively.

Sanlongwan Creator Season ignites development, talent and innovation

"Sanlongwan has been striving to become youth-friendly city, by gathering young industries, science and technology platforms, and young entrepreneurs," said Zhu Xixiong, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Sino-German Industrial Services Zone (Foshan Sanlongwan Sci-Tech City). He emphasized that this event has significant impact in inspiring entrepreneurial thinking, and promoting the integration and development of science and technology industries.

"The 2023 Sanlongwan Creator Season aims to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, showcasing the industrial vitality and artistic atmosphere of Sanlongwan," Said Jiang Qixiang, Director of the Foshan Sanlongwan (Nanhai) Construction Bureau and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Guicheng Sub-District.

"In the future, we will see more young people taking part in such events," said Xie Wentao, Director of the Comprehensive Management Department of Jihua Laboratory. Currently, over 80% of researchers in Jihua Laboratory are under the age of 35. The laboratory plans to hold a series of anniversary activities, actively gathering more high-end and young talents to play more essential role in science and technology innovation in Sanlongwan.

Sanlong Sci-Tech City ramping up its vitality

In recent years, leveraging on Jihua Laboratory, Sanlongwan Nanhai Area has attracted over 1,400 talents and formed 61 research teams, incubated 19 technological enterprises and established a 500-million-yuan fund for sci-tech achievements conversion. To date, it has applied for 1,132 invention patents, and ranks the first in Guangdong regarding the number of invention patents applied. The area is committed to build a future-oriented science and technology highland in the Guangfo area, attracting headquarter projects of leading enterprises such as Joyy, Huya, and Yiyuan Communication. Additionally, nearly 29 industrial projects have settled, with a total planned investment of over 52.62 billion yuan.

With a growing atmosphere of science and innovation, Sanlongwan has attracted talents from both home and abroad and become a hub for entrepreneurs. It is expected that in the upcoming 3-5 years, over 60,000 talents will gather here.

At the event, Xu Yongqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Nanhai District Committee and Executive Deputy Head, outlined three key points: creating an environment that attracts entrepreneurs, fostering a competitive atmosphere that encourages exploration, and creating a collaborative environment that attracts talents.

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