Lingnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition kicks off in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-05-10 17:54

On May 7, Lingnan Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition kicked off at Dongping Poly Plaza, Shunde. The event aims to further promote intangible cultural heritage of Foshan and attract more citizens to experience them.

At 10 a.m., the dragon and lion dance performers attracted lots of citizens with their spectacular moves. Remarkably, those performers are students from Foshan Lichong Primary School and Foshan Eleventh Middle School. "This is a good practise of cultural inheritance, encouraging children to carry out our traditions."  Said citizen Mr. Zhao, who specially took his children here to watch the show.

Lichong Primary School has incorporated dragon and lion dance training in its curriculum for more than 10 years. Tan Mingying, principal of Lichong Primary School, said that in Guangdong culture, dragon and lion symbolise positive and vital spirit. Therefore, childrens are expected to carry out this excellent spirit via physical practise.

In addition to the dragon and lion dance session on May 7, a paper cutting session and a pottery session of this exhibition will also be held respectively on Saturday of upcoming two weekends . Inheritors will show up and provide in-depth introduction about Foshan's intangible cultural heritage.

Reporter | Tang

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