Most thrilling dragon boat race staged in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-15 17:43

The Diejiao Dragon Boat Race in Guicheng garnered even more attention and excitement this year on May 13, with over 150 competitors competing on the river in Diejiao, and over 300 locals experiencing the thrill of dragon boat racing.

As the first event of the "Lingnan Dragon Boat Race", the 2023 Diebei solo dragon boat race in Guicheng, Nanhai kicked off with great enthusiasm. Participants challenged themselves on a 12.8 km course that weaves through the picturesque Diejiao water network, putting on a fierce and unparalleled dragon boat performance.

More than 150 athletes registered for the race, marking a growth of over 60% from last year. The solo dragon boat race attracted participants not only from local area, but also from other cities such as Guangzhou, Zhongshani. The race route was designed to span multiple locations along DieJiao water network, including Xinyue, Tantou, Dongsheng, Cuntou, Qingyun, and Aobian. The intense and challenging race has tested the competitors' endurance and on-the-spot responsiveness to the fullest.

At the sound of the starting signal, dragon boat racers sped down the winding waterways, providing a spectacular sight for the locals. Athletes had to maintain balance on their small boats while paddling with one hand and controlling the direction with their feet at the same time. It was really a display of multitasking skills.

In recent years, solo dragon boat race has become incredibly popular in the Pearl River Delta region. Diejiao Water Town in Nanhai, Foshan, with its unique water network geography and rich history of dragon boat culture, officially launched the solo dragon boat race in 2020, showcasing the heritage of traditional culture.

After fierce competition, Zheng Weiheng from the local group and Liang Bo from the out-of-town group claimed the top honors. "I grew up in a rich culture of dragon boat racing, and I want to pass it on by leading my children and more people to learn about and experience it," said Zheng Weiheng. His goal is to raise awareness and appreciation of the cultural significance of dragon boat racing not just among his family, but also among Foshan, and even the country.

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