Unlock Your Paddleboarding Experience in Ronggui, Shunde
Foshan China 2023-08-03 17:01

On July 29, Ronggui Watersports Center of Shunde Paddleboarding Association in Foshan (hereinafter referred to as Ronggui Watersports Center) was officially established at the Ronggui Dragon Boat Cultural Park. It will serve as a professional training base for young paddlers in Ronggui and provide a safe and comfortable experience center for paddleboarding enthusiasts.

In recent years, water management in Ronggui has made steady progress, and the ecological protection of the Desheng River and Meijiao River has achieved remarkable results, providing a favorable environment for water sports. As a standardized paddleboarding watersports center jointly built by Ronggui Time Cultural Tourism Industry Co., Ltd. and the Shunde Paddleboarding Association, Ronggui Watersports Center is located by the beautiful Meijiao River.

After establishment, Ronggui Watersports Center will form a watersports base on the Meijiao River, linked with the Shunde Deep Diving and Dragon Boat Center, Ronggui Dragon Boat Cultural Park (China's Dragon Boat Training Base), and the Poly Paddleboarding Watersports Base, providing more options for water sports enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the center will make use of its venue advantage to actively organize youth paddleboarding activities, establish a youth watersports base, help form competitive teams, and improve the competitiveness of paddleboarding in Ronggui.

In addition, Shunde Paddleboarding Association will also introduce multiple paddleboarding clubs to Ronggui Watersports Center, achieving industrial standardization in management and development. He Dijia, president of the Shunde Paddleboarding Association, stated that, relying on the water sports center, the association will carry out various activities and further establish Shunde as a prominent water sports destination, driving Ronggui to become a "water resources + water sports + water culture" water-friendly smart city.

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