Summer Getaway ⑧| Embrace tranquility in Haishou Island
Foshan China 2023-08-11 17:37

The Haishou Island Agricultural Park, situated in the western region of Jiujiang Town and neighboring Heshan in Jiangmen, is a hidden gem. It faces Jiujiang Beach across the river and spans approximately 120 hectares of lush farmland and 180 hectares of fish ponds. The island's idyllic landscapes, meandering pathways, and the harmonious sounds of chickens and dogs truly embody the authentic local culture.

Here, residents embrace a tranquil and harmonious way of life, embracing the rising sun and bidding farewell to each day with the setting sun.

Haishou Island in Jiujiang has been preserved in its original state to the maximum extent. Along the greenway that encircles the island, the scenery is lush and vibrant, filled with the melodies of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Wherever you go, it feels like stepping into a poetic painting, where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

Drawing upon its pristine ecological environment and charming cultural heritage, the residents of Haishou Island have, from generation to generation, carried forward local traditions such as pastoral and fishing cultures. With their unwavering dedication, they have cultivated an abundance of cultural treasures, enriching the tapestry of their community. 

Boarding the ferry and stepping onto this pristine island in the heart of the river, all traces of dust are washed away, leaving behind a pure and tranquil environment.

Cycling along the 6.6-kilometer-long island greenway, you will be captivated by the picturesque houses lining the path. The sight of egrets soaring in the sky and the gentle breeze from the river will immerse you in the joy of summer, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of this season.

In the heart of Haishou Island, the sunset paints a magnificent spectacle. As the sun descends in the west, fishing boats conclude their working day, and the vast river surface reflects the vibrant hues of the setting sun, enveloping the entire island in a crimson glow and creating a truly enchanting scene.

The favorable living environment has attracted the settlement of homestay and RV campsite, making Haishou Island a popular destination for locals, offering a unique blend of parties, art exhibitions, dining, and accommodation. It has attracted many visitors who come to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and capture memorable moments at this trendy site.

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Photo | Nanhai Jjiujiang, Nanhai Release