Shiwan E-Park's STAYPURE Space Wins International Design Award
Foshan China 2023-09-05 10:33

In a ceremony filled with excitement and anticipation, Shiwan E-Park's STAYPURE Space stood tall as they were awarded the prestigious 2023 Grands Prix du Design (GPD) Bronze Award. Created by Pure Design Studio, this achievement not only brings pride to the studio but also shines a spotlight on the innovative design culture thriving within the Park.

What is the Grands Prix du Design?

The Grands Prix du Design is a globally recognized platform that celebrates the brilliance of designers and architects who enrich our lives through their creative vision. It acknowledges the creativity and dedication of those who design and shape our world, as well as the individuals and organizations that commission their work. This prestigious award serves as a testament to exceptional design and provides unparalleled international recognition and exposure to the recipients.

Originally established in Montreal in 2007 to spotlight outstanding designers and architects within the province of Quebec, Canada, the Grands Prix du Design has now expanded its horizons. The 17th edition of the awards ceremony has opened its doors to submissions from designers worldwide. A panel of nearly 70 esteemed professionals, including influential figures, scholars, and industry experts, brings their wealth of knowledge and experience to evaluate the submitted projects and products. The culmination of this year's GPD awards will be celebrated with grandeur in Quebec and Montreal in the months of September and October.

Pure Design Studio: A Beacon of Creativity

Pure Design Studio, often referred to as the creative heartbeat of Shiwan E-Park, specializes in comprehensive space design and implementation services. The name "STAYPURE" reflects their unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of design and creating spaces that resonate with beauty and functionality. Just as their name suggests, Pure Design Studio remains steadfast in delivering high-quality, cutting-edge design solutions that infuse warmth into every project.

Designing Excellence at Shiwan E-Park

Pure Design Studio's influence extends far beyond their awards and accolades. They not only enhance the Park's aesthetics but also inject vitality into its atmosphere.

This remarkable accomplishment underscores Shiwan E-Prak's commitment to fostering a thriving environment for creativity and design. It serves as an inspiring testament to the heights that can be achieved when talent, innovation, and dedication come together to shape the world around us.


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