Special Stamp Album Issued to Highlight Foshan's Historical and Cultural Heritage
Foshan China 2023-12-29 17:04

Foshan, a national-level historical and cultural city with long history, is the birthplace and flourishing ground of Lingnan culture. A number of national intangible cultural heritage shines in this city.

In order to promote the construction of Foshan cultural brand and spread local history and culture, recently, Foshan Federation of Social Science has presented Foshan's historical and cultural heritage, including ten Foshan characteristic cultures in detail. For example, The Ancestral Temple, Xiqiao Mountain, Wong Fei-hung, Foshan Paper Cutting, Foshan Lion Dance, Shiwan art ceramics, Foshan Martial Arts, Foshan Cantonese Opera, Qiuse Parade and Shunde Cuisines are included in the form of pictures. It is combined with exquisite stamps, which enables the publicity and promotion of Foshan local characteristics culture.

In addition, the album also reflects the profound historical and cultural deposits of Foshan and the local customs. Not only can it plays the role of social science popularization and cultural communication, but it also has the value of collection and appreciation. Opening the stamp album, people can enjoy the charm of Foshan historial and cultural heritage together.

Reporter | Rouly

Revisor | Lynn, Eleanor

Photo | Foshan News and Media Center