Famous Singers Gathered in Foshan New City to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Foshan China 2024-01-03 18:28

What would it be to celebrate the New Year while listening to the classic Cantonese songs and singing with charming Hong Kong stars?

On December 31, 2023, the Possibilities Are Endless New Year Concert kicked off at Foshan GBA International Sports and Cultural Center. Janice M.Vidal, Justin Lo, Stephanie Cheng, Shiga Lin, Alex Fong and other Hong Kong stars accompanied the audience with amazing songs to bid farewell to the past and open a new chapter of the story in 2024.

The gorgeous stage background made the audience feel like a dream. When Classic songs rose, the super luxurious vocalist lineup made the audience feel as if they have passed through the beautiful Hong Kong music time.

The familiar lyrics flowed with the rhythm and the innocent youth memories surged in the scene. Everyone swung with the melody, and each song brought out the whole chorus.

There will be more to expect in 2024 as many singers such as Hacken Lee, Angela Zhang and Chen Li will perform in Foshan New City. Are you ready to start a new chorus of ten thousand people with your glow sticks?

Reporter | Rouly

Revisor | Eddie, Lynn

Photo | Lecong Release