Don't Miss Out These Spectacular Traditional Chinese New Year Activities in Foshan
Foshan China 2024-01-09 17:36

Recently, Samantha Ko Hoi Ling, the actress portraying Cathy Xu in the popular drama "The Queen of News" visited Kuaizi Road, a well-known street for Fai Chun (挥春) in Foshan, personally experiencing the traditional folk customs of writing couplet. This has once again brought the street into the public eye.

Compared to other places, Kuaizi Road in Foshan seems to exude a more flavorful charm due to its arcade buildings. Various red decorations and ancient arcades with a nostalgic charm complement each other. The lively and festive New Year atmosphere blends seamlessly with the profound Lingnan culture, creating a unique urban memory in this city.

Visit Street of Couplet

Savor the New Year Flavor of Foshan

The curves, the dots, and the sweeps... Although modern technology can produce more innovative couplet designs, it can't replace the vitality brought by hand-writing.

As the end of the year approaches, visit Kuai Zi Road and bring home a hand-written couplet for good blessings. These activities not only allow people to experience the traditional New Year atmosphere, but also showcase the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Stroll through the Flower Market

Take a Romantic Journey during the Spring Festival

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the Spring Festival in Foshan, the tradition of strolling through flower markets, becomes an integral part of the celebration. A delightful experience awaits you as the streets come alive with fresh flowers, New Year goods, and intangible cultural heritage creations.

Ever visited a water flower market? Foshan boasts unique markets where boats brim with New Year flowers and local agricultural gems, showcasing the region's distinctive charm. During the day, immerse yourself in the water town's allure. At night, embark on a boat ride for breathtaking views, complemented by fireworks and water shows.

Cross Tongji Bridge

Experience the most lively folk activity in Foshan

In the warm glow of a thousand households, and during the most joyful moments of bustle, you must experience the large-scale folk cultural event called "Crossing Tongji Bridge" held on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

"Crossing Tongji Bridge, Troubles Go Away", starting from the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, people from all regions come with symbols of good luck such as windmills, wind chimes, and lettuce, marching in a grand procession across Tongji Bridge, praying for a year of favorable weather, happiness, and peace.

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