Spectacular Cast Iron Flower Show Lights Up the Night Economy in Gaoming
Foshan China 2024-01-11 18:04

Bright neon lights, wonderful cast iron-flower shows, abundant food and entertainment stalls... On the evening of January 8, the popular commercial pedestrian street by the north bank of the river in Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, attracted many people to enjoy night life. After renovation, the north bank of the river has collected all kinds of food, drinks, boutiques, amusement and other stalls. At the same time, the Renhe Night Market across the river is also brightly lit, and the clean and tidy environment makes the night market full of hustle and bustle. Hence, it illuminates the prosperous night economy of Yanghe.

The brightly lit North Bank Riverside commercial pedestrian street is a hot spot for tourists.

Intangible Cultural Heritage-iron flower show was performed in popular pedestrian street by the North Bank River.

The intangible cultural heritage- iron flower show shines brightly.

When the shutter speed is increased, the iron flower show takes on a spiral shape.

Consumers buy barbecue and enjoy delicious food.

The North Bank Riverside popular commercial pedestrian street gathers various stalls.

Shiny lights at the Renhe Night Market.

The night market is full of hustle and bustle.


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Photo | Foshan News and Media Center