Time to Buy New Year Tangerines Trees in Shunde's Chencun
Foshan China 2024-01-12 17:43

In Chencun Shunde, it is the season for the harvesting of tangerine trees. Thousands of tangerine fields are covered with golden orange clothes. Tangerine tree farmers are busy with the sales of tangerines, and plenty of trucks filled with tangerines are sent to all parts of the country. According to the tangerine tree farmers, this year’s tangerines trees have grown well with better quantity and quality compared to previous years. In addition, the price is higher than last year.

At present, the reservation of the tangerine trees in the whole town has exceeded 80%, and premium tangerine trees are selling well with limited remaining stock.

It is reported that Chencun, as the "Millennium Flower Town", has a history of more than 1,000 years of tangerine tree planting. Nearly 80% of the country's tangerine trees are produced in Chencun, making it the largest mandarin orange planting base in China. In 2018, "Chencun tangerine trees" received national certification and became a farm product protected by national geographical indication registration.

Location: Search [陈村年桔宣传基地-桔场时光Chencun Tangerine Trees Propaganda Base - Tangerine Trees Field Time] to reach the field.

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