Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe Makes Appearance in Harbin
Foshan China 2024-01-19 17:58

Following their performance in Beijing on January 16th, the Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe made another captivating appearance in Harbin on January 17.

Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe and Foshan Auntie Thirteen(A Kung-Fu movie character)

In the current spotlight of nationwide attention on Harbin, the arrival of the Nanhai Lion Dance adds an extra spark, creating a dazzling fusion of these two cultural icons. On the eventful day, the Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe visited key landmarks including Central Street, St. Sophia Cathedral, and the Flood Control Memorial Tower. At each location, the resonant beats of drums drew audiences in swiftly, and the performers showcased their extraordinary skills. The outstanding performances garnered enthusiastic applause.

Live performance by Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe

Live performance by Nanhai Lion Dance Troupe

Collaboration performance between the Lion Dance Troupe and Song and Dance Duet

The interaction between children and Nanhai Lion Dance

Many tourists were deeply captivated by the Lion Dance, expressing that it's a rare sight in the northern regions. The enthusiastic greetings echoed, "Welcome Nanhai Lion Dance to our Northeast China!"

The performers showcased the spirited essence of Nanhai Lion Dance, enhancing awareness and fostering a deeper understanding among the audience, so the local residents will be full of yearning and expectation for visiting Nanhai, Foshan.

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